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Ocean Heat Fluxes

Sample product image of NOAA CDR Ocean Heat Fluxes; with global coverage over ice-free areas.

This dataset provides a high quality Climate Data Record (CDR) of the air/ocean heat fluxes.

Evaluation the near-surface atmospheric temperature, humidity, and wind in comparison to similar values at the sea surface describe essential aspects of the air-sea exchange. The Special Sensor Microwave/Imager (SSM/I), a passive microwave sensor, along with the sea surface temperature CDR provide this data after application of a combination of statistical techniques using neural networks and diurnal warming parameterizations. From these data, the near-surface fluxes of evaporation/latent heat and sensible heat calculations provide the CDR final record on a 3-hourly 0.25° resolution grid over the global ice-free oceans.

Principal Investigator: Carol Anne Clayson, WHOI

Cite dataset when used as a source. See the dataset's DOI landing page for citation details at doi:10.7289/V59K4885.