Climate at a Glance

National Background

Climate at a Glance was developed at the request of NOAA Headquarters for near real-time analysis of monthly temperature and precipitation data across the contiguous U.S. and intended for the study of climate variability and change. Since the fall of 2000, users have been able to request data for select cities, states, regions and the nation and compare current conditions with the historical record. In February 2013, minor changes to the Climate at a Glance web system allowed users to more readily save requested data and also to query other elements, such as heating and cooling degree days as well as several of the more prominent drought indicators. It is anticipated that a more thorough redesign of Climate at a Glance will occur in mid to late 2013.

Because these data are primarily intended for the study of climate variability and change, observations have been adjusted to account for the artificial effects introduced into the climate record by factors such as instrument changes, station relocation, observer practice changes and urbanization. Some of the more current data provided by the Climate at a Glance system are preliminary and may be modified after appropriate quality control has been performed. As a result, some values available on this site differ from the official observations.