Climate at a Glance

Divisional Mapping

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Climate Division Value Rank
(124 Years)
Alabama CD 1. Northern Valley45.4°F9543.7°F1.7°F
Alabama CD 2. Appalachian Mountain46.7°F10244.6°F2.1°F
Alabama CD 3. Upper Plains48.4°F9446.7°F1.7°F
Alabama CD 4. Eastern Valley48.2°F10446.0°F2.2°F
Alabama CD 5. Piedmont Plateau49.0°F9747.1°F1.9°F
Alabama CD 6. Prairie51.0°F9349.5°F1.5°F
Alabama CD 7. Coastal Plain53.4°F10351.3°F2.1°F
Alabama CD 8. Gulf55.8°F10453.6°F2.2°F
Arizona CD 1. Northwest51.2°F12445.6°F5.6°F
Arizona CD 2. Northeast40.2°F12434.7°F5.5°F
Arizona CD 3. North Central49.7°F12444.0°F5.7°F
Arizona CD 4. East Central50.6°F12443.9°F6.7°F
Arizona CD 5. Southwest60.4°F12455.3°F5.1°F
Arizona CD 6. South Central59.2°F12453.5°F5.7°F
Arizona CD 7. Southeast53.9°F12448.2°F5.7°F
Arkansas CD 1. Northwest40.9°F8839.6°F1.3°F
Arkansas CD 2. North Central41.2°F8240.1°F1.1°F
Arkansas CD 3. Northeast42.5°F7241.6°F0.9°F
Arkansas CD 4. West Central44.0°F9642.5°F1.5°F
Arkansas CD 5. Central45.0°F7544.3°F0.7°F
Arkansas CD 6. East Central44.9°F6744.4°F0.5°F
Arkansas CD 7. Southwest46.9°F8745.7°F1.2°F
Arkansas CD 8. South Central47.4°F7846.6°F0.8°F
Arkansas CD 9. Southeast47.4°F7746.6°F0.8°F
California CD 1. North Coast Drainage43.4°F11441.3°F2.1°F
California CD 2. Sacramento Drainage44.2°F11741.4°F2.8°F
California CD 3. Northeast Interior Basins35.3°F12131.3°F4.0°F
California CD 4. Central Coast Drainage52.6°F12248.9°F3.7°F
California CD 5. San Joaquin Drainage48.3°F12244.3°F4.0°F
California CD 6. South Coast Drainage56.5°F12450.8°F5.7°F
California CD 7. Southeast Desert Basins54.0°F12349.0°F5.0°F
Colorado CD 1. Arkansas Drainage35.7°F12031.9°F3.8°F
Colorado CD 2. Colorado Drainage30.9°F12424.5°F6.4°F
Colorado CD 3. Kansas Drainage33.2°F10230.8°F2.4°F
Colorado CD 4. Platte Drainage31.6°F11927.6°F4.0°F
Colorado CD 5. Rio Grande Drainage29.5°F12422.5°F7.0°F
Connecticut CD 1. Northwest29.6°F9027.8°F1.8°F
Connecticut CD 2. Central32.8°F9830.3°F2.5°F
Connecticut CD 3. Coastal35.3°F10232.6°F2.7°F
Delaware CD 1. Northern38.2°F10235.8°F2.4°F
Delaware CD 2. Southern40.2°F9838.0°F2.2°F
Florida CD 1. Northwest56.8°F10754.2°F2.6°F
Florida CD 2. North59.4°F11156.5°F2.9°F
Florida CD 3. North Central64.1°F11860.4°F3.7°F
Florida CD 4. South Central66.6°F11963.0°F3.6°F
Florida CD 5. Everglades and Southwest Coast69.9°F11866.1°F3.8°F
Florida CD 6. Lower East Coast71.1°F11867.3°F3.8°F
Florida CD 7. Keys72.9°F11569.6°F3.3°F
Georgia CD 1. Northwest46.2°F10543.7°F2.5°F
Georgia CD 2. North Central46.4°F11143.6°F2.8°F
Georgia CD 3. Northeast48.0°F11345.0°F3.0°F
Georgia CD 4. West Central50.3°F11247.2°F3.1°F
Georgia CD 5. Central51.9°F11448.7°F3.2°F
Georgia CD 6. East Central52.6°F11349.6°F3.0°F
Georgia CD 7. Southwest54.2°F10151.9°F2.3°F
Georgia CD 8. South Central54.9°F10752.2°F2.7°F
Georgia CD 9. Southeast55.7°F10453.3°F2.4°F
Idaho CD 1. Panhandle28.9°F9327.1°F1.8°F
Idaho CD 2. North Central Prairies31.8°F9530.1°F1.7°F
Idaho CD 3. North Central Canyons33.6°F9232.0°F1.6°F
Idaho CD 4. Central Mountains27.2°F11224.5°F2.7°F
Idaho CD 5. Southwestern Valleys35.0°F10432.3°F2.7°F
Idaho CD 6. Southwestern Highlands33.0°F10930.0°F3.0°F
Idaho CD 7. Central Plains32.6°F11728.2°F4.4°F
Idaho CD 8. Northeastern Valleys24.6°F11421.1°F3.5°F
Idaho CD 9. Upper Snake River Plains28.0°F11623.4°F4.6°F
Idaho CD 10. Eastern Highlands28.2°F11824.2°F4.0°F
Illinois CD 1. Northwest26.8°F5926.5°F0.3°F
Illinois CD 2. Northeast27.8°F5627.5°F0.3°F
Illinois CD 3. West30.4°F6430.2°F0.2°F
Illinois CD 4. Central30.7°F7629.8°F0.9°F
Illinois CD 5. East30.4°F7229.8°F0.6°F
Illinois CD 6. West Southwest34.1°F8533.0°F1.1°F
Illinois CD 7. East Southeast34.2°F7833.2°F1.0°F
Illinois CD 8. Southwest37.2°F7736.3°F0.9°F
Illinois CD 9. Southeast37.2°F7036.4°F0.8°F
Indiana CD 1. Northwest29.6°F7229.1°F0.5°F
Indiana CD 2. North Central30.1°F8329.2°F0.9°F
Indiana CD 3. Northeast30.0°F8229.1°F0.9°F
Indiana CD 4. West Central32.3°F7231.6°F0.7°F
Indiana CD 5. Central32.8°F8431.7°F1.1°F
Indiana CD 6. East Central32.4°F8831.0°F1.4°F
Indiana CD 7. Southwest36.3°F7635.4°F0.9°F
Indiana CD 8. South Central36.0°F7834.9°F1.1°F
Indiana CD 9. Southeast36.1°F9334.4°F1.7°F
Iowa CD 1. Northwest21.7°F6021.9°F-0.2°F
Iowa CD 2. North Central21.6°F6021.6°F0.0°F
Iowa CD 3. Northeast22.9°F6622.5°F0.4°F
Iowa CD 4. West Central24.8°F6524.7°F0.1°F
Iowa CD 5. Central25.0°F6624.9°F0.1°F
Iowa CD 6. East Central25.7°F5425.8°F-0.1°F
Iowa CD 7. Southwest27.4°F5927.4°F0.0°F
Iowa CD 8. South Central27.7°F5827.8°F-0.1°F
Iowa CD 9. Southeast27.8°F4928.3°F-0.5°F
Kansas CD 1. Northwest32.6°F8131.5°F1.1°F
Kansas CD 2. North Central32.4°F7631.7°F0.7°F
Kansas CD 3. Northeast32.7°F7431.9°F0.8°F
Kansas CD 4. West Central34.4°F9032.9°F1.5°F
Kansas CD 5. Central34.8°F8633.6°F1.2°F
Kansas CD 6. East Central35.2°F8134.2°F1.0°F
Kansas CD 7. Southwest36.8°F10135.1°F1.7°F
Kansas CD 8. South Central36.8°F8535.8°F1.0°F
Kansas CD 9. Southeast37.9°F8236.9°F1.0°F
Kentucky CD 1. Western39.7°F6739.0°F0.7°F
Kentucky CD 2. Central40.0°F9238.3°F1.7°F
Kentucky CD 3. Blue Grass38.1°F9436.3°F1.8°F
Kentucky CD 4. Eastern39.4°F8437.9°F1.5°F
Louisiana CD 1. Northwest50.6°F9249.2°F1.4°F
Louisiana CD 2. North Central50.4°F9348.9°F1.5°F
Louisiana CD 3. Northeast50.9°F9349.4°F1.5°F
Louisiana CD 4. West Central52.9°F10051.1°F1.8°F
Louisiana CD 5. Central53.5°F8852.2°F1.3°F
Louisiana CD 6. East Central55.4°F10353.4°F2.0°F
Louisiana CD 7. Southwest56.3°F9554.7°F1.6°F
Louisiana CD 8. South Central57.1°F9855.2°F1.9°F
Louisiana CD 9. Southeast58.9°F10556.4°F2.5°F
Maine CD 1. North18.4°F9016.7°F1.7°F
Maine CD 2. South Interior24.4°F9522.3°F2.1°F
Maine CD 3. Coastal27.4°F9225.6°F1.8°F
Maryland CD 1. Southeastern Shore41.5°F9139.6°F1.9°F
Maryland CD 2. Central Eastern Shore40.1°F8938.4°F1.7°F
Maryland CD 3. Lower Southern40.8°F9438.9°F1.9°F
Maryland CD 4. Upper Southern39.9°F9438.0°F1.9°F
Maryland CD 5. Northeastern Shore38.8°F8637.4°F1.4°F
Maryland CD 6. North Central37.2°F9335.3°F1.9°F
Maryland CD 7. Appalachian Mountains35.7°F9233.9°F1.8°F
Maryland CD 8. Allegheny Plateau31.4°F8430.2°F1.2°F
Massachusetts CD 1. West27.6°F9025.8°F1.8°F
Massachusetts CD 2. Central31.0°F9828.5°F2.5°F
Massachusetts CD 3. Coastal34.7°F9732.4°F2.3°F
Michigan CD 1. West Upper17.6°F5817.8°F-0.2°F
Michigan CD 2. East Upper20.4°F4820.9°F-0.5°F
Michigan CD 3. Northwest Lower24.9°F8623.4°F1.5°F
Michigan CD 4. Northeast Lower23.8°F8222.7°F1.1°F
Michigan CD 5. West Central Lower27.2°F8825.9°F1.3°F
Michigan CD 6. Central Lower26.2°F9024.9°F1.3°F
Michigan CD 7. East Central Lower27.2°F8226.1°F1.1°F
Michigan CD 8. Southwest Lower29.2°F8428.1°F1.1°F
Michigan CD 9. South Central Lower28.5°F9127.1°F1.4°F
Michigan CD 10. Southeast Lower28.8°F8427.4°F1.4°F
Minnesota CD 1. Northwest11.7°F7111.2°F0.5°F
Minnesota CD 2. North Central11.2°F6011.4°F-0.2°F
Minnesota CD 3. Northeast10.8°F4911.8°F-1.0°F
Minnesota CD 4. West Central16.8°F7215.9°F0.9°F
Minnesota CD 5. Central17.4°F6916.7°F0.7°F
Minnesota CD 6. East Central15.6°F6115.6°F0.0°F
Minnesota CD 7. Southwest19.1°F5819.4°F-0.3°F
Minnesota CD 8. South Central19.6°F6019.9°F-0.3°F
Minnesota CD 9. Southeast20.1°F6519.9°F0.2°F
Mississippi CD 1. Upper Delta46.8°F7246.0°F0.8°F
Mississippi CD 2. North Central46.3°F7345.3°F1.0°F
Mississippi CD 3. Northeast45.6°F8044.5°F1.1°F
Mississippi CD 4. Lower Delta49.8°F9648.1°F1.7°F
Mississippi CD 5. Central49.8°F9947.9°F1.9°F
Mississippi CD 6. East Central48.8°F9547.2°F1.6°F
Mississippi CD 7. Southwest52.5°F9550.8°F1.7°F
Mississippi CD 8. South Central52.8°F9651.0°F1.8°F
Mississippi CD 9. Southeast52.4°F9850.4°F2.0°F
Mississippi CD 10. Coastal54.8°F9553.1°F1.7°F
Missouri CD 1. Northwest Prairie32.0°F7431.4°F0.6°F
Missouri CD 2. Northeast Prairie34.0°F8332.9°F1.1°F
Missouri CD 3. West Central Plains37.0°F9335.4°F1.6°F
Missouri CD 4. West Ozarks38.9°F8737.6°F1.3°F
Missouri CD 5. East Ozarks37.8°F8136.8°F1.0°F
Missouri CD 6. Bootheel40.2°F6039.9°F0.3°F
Montana CD 1. Western25.5°F8723.9°F1.6°F
Montana CD 2. Southwestern23.9°F9821.8°F2.1°F
Montana CD 3. North Central18.5°F3620.7°F-2.2°F
Montana CD 4. Central23.0°F3824.4°F-1.4°F
Montana CD 5. South Central24.0°F4724.6°F-0.6°F
Montana CD 6. Northeastern15.3°F4117.5°F-2.2°F
Montana CD 7. Southeastern20.2°F3522.3°F-2.1°F
Nebraska CD 1. Panhandle28.5°F8127.6°F0.9°F
Nebraska CD 2. North Central26.7°F6726.2°F0.5°F
Nebraska CD 3. Northeast25.1°F6025.1°F0.0°F
Nebraska CD 5. Central27.4°F5427.5°F-0.1°F
Nebraska CD 6. East Central27.6°F5727.6°F0.0°F
Nebraska CD 7. Southwest29.8°F6229.7°F0.1°F
Nebraska CD 8. South Central29.5°F5329.6°F-0.1°F
Nebraska CD 9. Southeast29.5°F6029.5°F0.0°F
Nevada CD 1. Northwestern36.6°F11533.3°F3.3°F
Nevada CD 2. Northeastern33.6°F12229.0°F4.6°F
Nevada CD 3. South Central39.3°F12234.6°F4.7°F
Nevada CD 4. Extreme Southern51.9°F12347.1°F4.8°F
New Hampshire CD 1. North21.4°F9419.2°F2.2°F
New Hampshire CD 2. South26.6°F9424.6°F2.0°F
New Jersey CD 1. Northern33.8°F9731.5°F2.3°F
New Jersey CD 2. Southern38.2°F10135.6°F2.6°F
New Jersey CD 3. Coastal39.0°F10236.4°F2.6°F
New Mexico CD 1. Northwestern Plateau37.0°F12431.6°F5.4°F
New Mexico CD 2. Northern Mountains35.9°F12430.4°F5.5°F
New Mexico CD 3. Northeastern Plains41.9°F12137.9°F4.0°F
New Mexico CD 4. Southwestern Mountains39.2°F12433.8°F5.4°F
New Mexico CD 5. Central Valley44.4°F12439.3°F5.1°F
New Mexico CD 6. Central Highlands40.6°F12435.3°F5.3°F
New Mexico CD 7. Southeastern Plains45.5°F12042.0°F3.5°F
New Mexico CD 8. Southern Desert48.3°F12443.4°F4.9°F
New York CD 1. Western Plateau27.8°F8126.7°F1.1°F
New York CD 2. Eastern Plateau27.3°F8326.0°F1.3°F
New York CD 3. Northern Plateau21.3°F8220.0°F1.3°F
New York CD 4. Coastal37.2°F10234.6°F2.6°F
New York CD 5. Hudson Valley30.2°F9328.2°F2.0°F
New York CD 6. Mohawk Valley25.8°F7524.7°F1.1°F
New York CD 7. Champlain Valley23.3°F8921.7°F1.6°F
New York CD 8. St. Lawrence Valley22.7°F9220.8°F1.9°F
New York CD 9. Great Lakes28.3°F8527.0°F1.3°F
New York CD 10. Central Lakes28.4°F8127.3°F1.1°F
North Carolina CD 1. Southern Mountains41.2°F10739.0°F2.2°F
North Carolina CD 2. Northern Mountains40.4°F10338.3°F2.1°F
North Carolina CD 3. Northern Piedmont43.2°F9141.6°F1.6°F
North Carolina CD 4. Central Piedmont44.4°F9342.6°F1.8°F
North Carolina CD 5. Southern Piedmont46.4°F10744.1°F2.3°F
North Carolina CD 6. Southern Coastal Plain48.5°F9646.7°F1.8°F
North Carolina CD 7. Central Coastal Plain47.9°F9546.0°F1.9°F
North Carolina CD 8. Northern Coastal Plain45.6°F9043.9°F1.7°F
North Dakota CD 1. Northwest13.4°F6113.7°F-0.3°F
North Dakota CD 2. North Central12.6°F7511.6°F1.0°F
North Dakota CD 3. Northeast11.8°F7610.5°F1.3°F
North Dakota CD 4. West Central16.2°F6416.2°F0.0°F
North Dakota CD 5. Central14.4°F7313.4°F1.0°F
North Dakota CD 6. East Central14.0°F7013.2°F0.8°F
North Dakota CD 7. Southwest17.7°F4918.8°F-1.1°F
North Dakota CD 8. South Central16.9°F6716.4°F0.5°F
North Dakota CD 9. Southeast16.2°F7215.3°F0.9°F
Ohio CD 1. Northwest31.0°F8230.0°F1.0°F
Ohio CD 2. North Central31.7°F7930.7°F1.0°F
Ohio CD 3. Northeast31.8°F9529.9°F1.9°F
Ohio CD 4. West Central32.1°F8131.0°F1.1°F
Ohio CD 5. Central33.4°F8432.0°F1.4°F
Ohio CD 6. Central Hills31.9°F8530.5°F1.4°F
Ohio CD 7. Northeast Hills32.5°F8731.1°F1.4°F
Ohio CD 8. Southwest34.9°F9333.4°F1.5°F
Ohio CD 9. South Central36.3°F8335.0°F1.3°F
Ohio CD 10. Southeast34.6°F8333.3°F1.3°F
Oklahoma CD 1. Panhandle39.3°F10437.4°F1.9°F
Oklahoma CD 2. North Central39.8°F9038.6°F1.2°F
Oklahoma CD 3. Northeast41.5°F9340.1°F1.4°F
Oklahoma CD 4. West Central41.5°F9639.9°F1.6°F
Oklahoma CD 5. Central43.2°F9641.7°F1.5°F
Oklahoma CD 6. East Central44.2°F9243.0°F1.2°F
Oklahoma CD 7. Southwest44.0°F9142.6°F1.4°F
Oklahoma CD 8. South Central45.4°F7944.6°F0.8°F
Oklahoma CD 9. Southeast46.0°F10044.2°F1.8°F
Oregon CD 1. Coastal Area43.8°F9842.3°F1.5°F
Oregon CD 2. Willamette Valley41.9°F9540.5°F1.4°F
Oregon CD 3. Southwestern Valleys40.4°F10438.7°F1.7°F
Oregon CD 4. Northern Cascades35.9°F10034.3°F1.6°F
Oregon CD 5. High Plateau32.4°F10729.9°F2.5°F
Oregon CD 6. North Central36.5°F10734.0°F2.5°F
Oregon CD 7. South Central33.3°F10430.7°F2.6°F
Oregon CD 8. Northeast31.4°F10328.9°F2.5°F
Oregon CD 9. Southeast33.2°F10330.5°F2.7°F
Pennsylvania CD 1. Pocono Mountains29.2°F8727.6°F1.6°F
Pennsylvania CD 2. East Central Mountains31.8°F8930.0°F1.8°F
Pennsylvania CD 3. Southeastern Piedmont35.2°F9333.1°F2.1°F
Pennsylvania CD 4. Lower Susquehanna34.8°F9333.1°F1.7°F
Pennsylvania CD 5. Middle Susquehanna31.4°F7830.4°F1.0°F
Pennsylvania CD 6. Upper Susquehanna28.3°F8027.1°F1.2°F
Pennsylvania CD 7. Central Mountains28.9°F5528.9°F0.0°F
Pennsylvania CD 8. South Central Mountains32.1°F7831.3°F0.8°F
Pennsylvania CD 9. Southwest Plateau32.2°F7231.4°F0.8°F
Pennsylvania CD 10. Northwest Plateau29.0°F8328.0°F1.0°F
Rhode Island CD 1. Rhode Island (Entire State)34.5°F10031.8°F2.7°F
South Carolina CD 1. Mountain45.7°F10743.2°F2.5°F
South Carolina CD 2. Northwest47.2°F11144.7°F2.5°F
South Carolina CD 3. North Central47.6°F10745.3°F2.3°F
South Carolina CD 4. Northeast50.2°F10347.9°F2.3°F
South Carolina CD 5. West Central49.8°F11246.9°F2.9°F
South Carolina CD 6. Central50.8°F10948.2°F2.6°F
South Carolina CD 7. Southern52.7°F10350.4°F2.3°F
South Dakota CD 1. Northwest20.5°F4521.6°F-1.1°F
South Dakota CD 2. North Central18.6°F6118.6°F0.0°F
South Dakota CD 3. Northeast17.3°F7116.7°F0.6°F
South Dakota CD 4. Black Hills25.0°F5425.2°F-0.2°F
South Dakota CD 5. Southwest25.3°F5825.5°F-0.2°F
South Dakota CD 6. Central22.0°F5721.9°F0.1°F
South Dakota CD 7. East Central19.0°F6018.9°F0.1°F
South Dakota CD 8. South Central25.3°F6025.0°F0.3°F
South Dakota CD 9. Southeast22.4°F5722.4°F0.0°F
Tennessee CD 1. Eastern42.3°F9840.5°F1.8°F
Tennessee CD 2. Cumberland Plateau42.4°F10540.0°F2.4°F
Tennessee CD 3. Middle43.0°F9541.4°F1.6°F
Tennessee CD 4. Western42.8°F6941.9°F0.9°F
Texas CD 1. High Plains43.6°F11241.1°F2.5°F
Texas CD 2. Low Rolling Plains46.6°F9545.1°F1.5°F
Texas CD 3. North Central49.2°F8848.0°F1.2°F
Texas CD 4. East Texas51.9°F9250.5°F1.4°F
Texas CD 5. Trans Pecos50.8°F11847.7°F3.1°F
Texas CD 6. Edwards Plateau51.7°F10049.9°F1.8°F
Texas CD 7. South Central56.7°F9555.0°F1.7°F
Texas CD 8. Upper Coast58.0°F10055.7°F2.3°F
Texas CD 9. South59.6°F9757.7°F1.9°F
Texas CD 10. Lower Valley63.7°F9262.4°F1.3°F
Utah CD 1. Western35.2°F11931.1°F4.1°F
Utah CD 2. Dixie46.4°F12441.9°F4.5°F
Utah CD 3. North Central34.1°F11829.9°F4.2°F
Utah CD 4. South Central35.1°F12429.7°F5.4°F
Utah CD 5. Northern Mountains29.1°F12123.6°F5.5°F
Utah CD 6. Uinta Basin32.3°F12324.5°F7.8°F
Utah CD 7. Southeast37.8°F12432.2°F5.6°F
Vermont CD 1. Northeastern21.6°F9119.7°F1.9°F
Vermont CD 2. Western24.4°F9522.4°F2.0°F
Vermont CD 3. Southeastern24.9°F9123.1°F1.8°F
Virginia CD 1. Tidewater43.1°F8641.7°F1.4°F
Virginia CD 2. Eastern Piedmont41.3°F8740.0°F1.3°F
Virginia CD 3. Western Piedmont40.6°F9039.0°F1.6°F
Virginia CD 4. Northern38.2°F10036.0°F2.2°F
Virginia CD 5. Central Mountain37.3°F9235.6°F1.7°F
Virginia CD 6. Southwestern Mountain38.1°F9336.5°F1.6°F
Washington CD 1. West Olympic Coast40.1°F8039.3°F0.8°F
Washington CD 2. North East Olympic San Juan41.4°F7340.7°F0.7°F
Washington CD 3. Puget Sound Lowlands41.1°F7540.4°F0.7°F
Washington CD 4. East Olympic Cascade Foothills38.4°F8437.4°F1.0°F
Washington CD 5. Cascade Mountains West32.1°F9330.7°F1.4°F
Washington CD 6. East Slope Cascades29.2°F10227.2°F2.0°F
Washington CD 7. Okanogan Big Bend30.1°F7828.6°F1.5°F
Washington CD 8. Central Basin35.8°F10932.9°F2.9°F
Washington CD 9. Northeastern27.6°F7526.3°F1.3°F
Washington CD 10. Palouse Blue Mountains34.2°F9732.2°F2.0°F
West Virginia CD 1. Northwestern35.4°F8334.1°F1.3°F
West Virginia CD 2. North Central36.3°F8734.6°F1.7°F
West Virginia CD 3. Southwestern38.8°F9037.2°F1.6°F
West Virginia CD 4. Central34.1°F9232.5°F1.6°F
West Virginia CD 5. Southern37.1°F8735.7°F1.4°F
West Virginia CD 6. Northeastern35.9°F8934.1°F1.8°F
Wisconsin CD 1. Northwest16.0°F5516.5°F-0.5°F
Wisconsin CD 2. North Central16.6°F5316.9°F-0.3°F
Wisconsin CD 3. Northeast19.0°F6718.6°F0.4°F
Wisconsin CD 4. West Central19.8°F6919.5°F0.3°F
Wisconsin CD 5. Central21.7°F8020.6°F1.1°F
Wisconsin CD 6. East Central23.6°F8722.2°F1.4°F
Wisconsin CD 7. Southwest23.8°F7622.9°F0.9°F
Wisconsin CD 8. South Central24.3°F6323.7°F0.6°F
Wisconsin CD 9. Southeast25.9°F7724.9°F1.0°F
Wyoming CD 1. Yellowstone Drainage21.8°F11419.0°F2.8°F
Wyoming CD 2. Snake Drainage22.1°F11718.3°F3.8°F
Wyoming CD 3. Green and Bear Drainage26.2°F12120.3°F5.9°F
Wyoming CD 4. Big Horn24.4°F8622.6°F1.8°F
Wyoming CD 5. Powder, Little Mo and Tongue Drainages25.0°F7124.3°F0.7°F
Wyoming CD 6. Belle Fourche Drainage23.3°F4923.8°F-0.5°F
Wyoming CD 7. Cheyenne Niobrara Drainage24.7°F5625.0°F-0.3°F
Wyoming CD 8. Lower Platte29.6°F11526.5°F3.1°F
Wyoming CD 9. Wind River24.8°F11221.7°F3.1°F
Wyoming CD 10. Upper Platte27.2°F12022.1°F5.1°F

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