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Divisional Mapping

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Climate Division Value Rank
(124 Years)
Alabama CD 1. Northern Valley59.28"9054.12"5.16"
Alabama CD 2. Appalachian Mountain58.42"8455.42"3.00"
Alabama CD 3. Upper Plains57.86"7855.30"2.56"
Alabama CD 4. Eastern Valley58.35"8254.32"4.03"
Alabama CD 5. Piedmont Plateau55.43"7554.11"1.32"
Alabama CD 6. Prairie53.29"6953.12"0.17"
Alabama CD 7. Coastal Plain55.14"5856.39"-1.25"
Alabama CD 8. Gulf56.01"3462.36"-6.35"
Arizona CD 1. Northwest6.74"1210.55"-3.81"
Arizona CD 2. Northeast11.93"5613.22"-1.29"
Arizona CD 3. North Central12.75"3716.22"-3.47"
Arizona CD 4. East Central18.91"6220.67"-1.76"
Arizona CD 5. Southwest2.67"135.36"-2.69"
Arizona CD 6. South Central7.78"3510.44"-2.66"
Arizona CD 7. Southeast13.82"6914.24"-0.42"
Arkansas CD 1. Northwest52.11"10146.23"5.88"
Arkansas CD 2. North Central55.10"10446.60"8.50"
Arkansas CD 3. Northeast57.24"10848.52"8.72"
Arkansas CD 4. West Central61.67"11648.66"13.01"
Arkansas CD 5. Central65.17"11851.09"14.08"
Arkansas CD 6. East Central64.86"11650.63"14.23"
Arkansas CD 7. Southwest70.55"12150.80"19.75"
Arkansas CD 8. South Central68.12"11851.59"16.53"
Arkansas CD 9. Southeast61.79"10352.24"9.55"
California CD 1. North Coast Drainage60.59"10648.78"11.81"
California CD 2. Sacramento Drainage45.45"10535.26"10.19"
California CD 3. Northeast Interior Basins28.73"11320.67"8.06"
California CD 4. Central Coast Drainage25.90"9421.04"4.86"
California CD 5. San Joaquin Drainage26.01"10220.13"5.88"
California CD 6. South Coast Drainage15.56"6518.04"-2.48"
California CD 7. Southeast Desert Basins4.12"266.28"-2.16"
Colorado CD 1. Arkansas Drainage18.01"10415.42"2.59"
Colorado CD 2. Colorado Drainage23.31"9720.84"2.47"
Colorado CD 3. Kansas Drainage18.96"9217.04"1.92"
Colorado CD 4. Platte Drainage18.95"8817.28"1.67"
Colorado CD 5. Rio Grande Drainage17.50"6517.43"0.07"
Connecticut CD 1. Northwest56.62"10748.39"8.23"
Connecticut CD 2. Central55.22"10846.44"8.78"
Connecticut CD 3. Coastal54.64"10946.28"8.36"
Delaware CD 1. Northern53.43"11243.18"10.25"
Delaware CD 2. Southern56.57"11943.32"13.25"
Florida CD 1. Northwest59.55"7158.67"0.88"
Florida CD 2. North55.88"8552.56"3.32"
Florida CD 3. North Central44.75"2151.87"-7.12"
Florida CD 4. South Central44.77"2451.59"-6.82"
Florida CD 5. Everglades and Southwest Coast52.66"6453.04"-0.38"
Florida CD 6. Lower East Coast59.36"7257.28"2.08"
Florida CD 7. Keys48.83"8347.05"1.78"
Georgia CD 1. Northwest55.63"8253.04"2.59"
Georgia CD 2. North Central54.64"5955.29"-0.65"
Georgia CD 3. Northeast51.78"6152.90"-1.12"
Georgia CD 4. West Central47.64"4650.72"-3.08"
Georgia CD 5. Central43.85"4947.34"-3.49"
Georgia CD 6. East Central42.53"4446.54"-4.01"
Georgia CD 7. Southwest52.36"6851.45"0.91"
Georgia CD 8. South Central46.61"5348.84"-2.23"
Georgia CD 9. Southeast44.46"3449.21"-4.75"
Idaho CD 1. Panhandle47.88"12334.31"13.57"
Idaho CD 2. North Central Prairies40.81"12131.39"9.42"
Idaho CD 3. North Central Canyons29.99"11823.66"6.33"
Idaho CD 4. Central Mountains46.86"12234.93"11.93"
Idaho CD 5. Southwestern Valleys17.66"11113.78"3.88"
Idaho CD 6. Southwestern Highlands16.62"10913.65"2.97"
Idaho CD 7. Central Plains13.88"11410.40"3.48"
Idaho CD 8. Northeastern Valleys18.79"8317.93"0.86"
Idaho CD 9. Upper Snake River Plains12.73"8211.75"0.98"
Idaho CD 10. Eastern Highlands26.93"11520.84"6.09"
Illinois CD 1. Northwest38.15"9234.54"3.61"
Illinois CD 2. Northeast39.35"10434.27"5.08"
Illinois CD 3. West38.30"8535.81"2.49"
Illinois CD 4. Central35.75"6035.87"-0.12"
Illinois CD 5. East39.49"8936.08"3.41"
Illinois CD 6. West Southwest36.70"4937.42"-0.72"
Illinois CD 7. East Southeast41.98"7139.46"2.52"
Illinois CD 8. Southwest44.63"7741.73"2.90"
Illinois CD 9. Southeast51.07"10443.48"7.59"
Indiana CD 1. Northwest42.53"10636.79"5.74"
Indiana CD 2. North Central44.20"11137.09"7.11"
Indiana CD 3. Northeast43.01"10935.78"7.23"
Indiana CD 4. West Central44.08"9239.23"4.85"
Indiana CD 5. Central46.48"10639.42"7.06"
Indiana CD 6. East Central44.28"9938.93"5.35"
Indiana CD 7. Southwest53.07"11543.36"9.71"
Indiana CD 8. South Central55.00"11843.90"11.10"
Indiana CD 9. Southeast52.83"11542.21"10.62"
Iowa CD 1. Northwest31.21"9128.21"3.00"
Iowa CD 2. North Central30.90"5531.47"-0.57"
Iowa CD 3. Northeast32.47"5533.10"-0.63"
Iowa CD 4. West Central38.83"11330.10"8.73"
Iowa CD 5. Central35.06"8032.41"2.65"
Iowa CD 6. East Central35.35"7534.07"1.28"
Iowa CD 7. Southwest39.19"10232.43"6.76"
Iowa CD 8. South Central38.47"8934.03"4.44"
Iowa CD 9. Southeast35.89"6934.74"1.15"
Kansas CD 1. Northwest24.64"10320.13"4.51"
Kansas CD 2. North Central30.82"9726.13"4.69"
Kansas CD 3. Northeast41.21"10733.78"7.43"
Kansas CD 4. West Central24.77"11219.15"5.62"
Kansas CD 5. Central33.32"10726.99"6.33"
Kansas CD 6. East Central42.68"10135.90"6.78"
Kansas CD 7. Southwest27.98"11919.11"8.87"
Kansas CD 8. South Central35.51"11226.85"8.66"
Kansas CD 9. Southeast38.85"7737.20"1.65"
Kentucky CD 1. Western62.36"12347.20"15.16"
Kentucky CD 2. Central62.83"12048.77"14.06"
Kentucky CD 3. Blue Grass58.06"12244.88"13.18"
Kentucky CD 4. Eastern55.30"10646.92"8.38"
Louisiana CD 1. Northwest73.06"12349.75"23.31"
Louisiana CD 2. North Central69.56"11753.65"15.91"
Louisiana CD 3. Northeast62.11"10453.68"8.43"
Louisiana CD 4. West Central60.97"9353.69"7.28"
Louisiana CD 5. Central65.41"10657.17"8.24"
Louisiana CD 6. East Central66.32"8461.45"4.87"
Louisiana CD 7. Southwest67.80"10857.76"10.04"
Louisiana CD 8. South Central67.92"10059.56"8.36"
Louisiana CD 9. Southeast60.50"5861.52"-1.02"
Maine CD 1. North46.16"10440.30"5.86"
Maine CD 2. South Interior50.08"10743.50"6.58"
Maine CD 3. Coastal54.58"11245.38"9.20"
Maryland CD 1. Southeastern Shore55.94"11943.11"12.83"
Maryland CD 2. Central Eastern Shore54.61"11843.46"11.15"
Maryland CD 3. Lower Southern50.35"10842.35"8.00"
Maryland CD 4. Upper Southern53.41"11742.31"11.10"
Maryland CD 5. Northeastern Shore58.44"12442.93"15.51"
Maryland CD 6. North Central58.61"12242.64"15.97"
Maryland CD 7. Appalachian Mountains52.04"12238.34"13.70"
Maryland CD 8. Allegheny Plateau59.84"12245.43"14.41"
Massachusetts CD 1. West57.27"11746.65"10.62"
Massachusetts CD 2. Central55.11"11644.10"11.01"
Massachusetts CD 3. Coastal57.29"12044.06"13.23"
Michigan CD 1. West Upper33.20"8131.14"2.06"
Michigan CD 2. East Upper33.63"8131.57"2.06"
Michigan CD 3. Northwest Lower34.50"9730.99"3.51"
Michigan CD 4. Northeast Lower32.45"9329.14"3.31"
Michigan CD 5. West Central Lower33.21"6632.03"1.18"
Michigan CD 6. Central Lower36.50"11030.22"6.28"
Michigan CD 7. East Central Lower39.90"12229.45"10.45"
Michigan CD 8. Southwest Lower36.25"7734.45"1.80"
Michigan CD 9. South Central Lower35.21"8832.34"2.87"
Michigan CD 10. Southeast Lower33.27"8430.48"2.79"
Minnesota CD 1. Northwest23.91"8621.68"2.23"
Minnesota CD 2. North Central27.09"8324.86"2.23"
Minnesota CD 3. Northeast31.58"9527.84"3.74"
Minnesota CD 4. West Central27.53"9923.79"3.74"
Minnesota CD 5. Central26.62"5726.43"0.19"
Minnesota CD 6. East Central29.54"7527.91"1.63"
Minnesota CD 7. Southwest30.09"9826.03"4.06"
Minnesota CD 8. South Central30.35"7629.11"1.24"
Minnesota CD 9. Southeast29.58"4230.99"-1.41"
Mississippi CD 1. Upper Delta59.47"9552.25"7.22"
Mississippi CD 2. North Central64.96"10853.49"11.47"
Mississippi CD 3. Northeast61.81"9653.82"7.99"
Mississippi CD 4. Lower Delta59.68"9252.80"6.88"
Mississippi CD 5. Central57.43"8653.41"4.02"
Mississippi CD 6. East Central56.08"8053.52"2.56"
Mississippi CD 7. Southwest64.83"9756.67"8.16"
Mississippi CD 8. South Central60.84"8058.67"2.17"
Mississippi CD 9. Southeast54.58"4458.54"-3.96"
Mississippi CD 10. Coastal60.94"5362.67"-1.73"
Missouri CD 1. Northwest Prairie44.67"10736.74"7.93"
Missouri CD 2. Northeast Prairie41.09"8337.91"3.18"
Missouri CD 3. West Central Plains46.04"9540.29"5.75"
Missouri CD 4. West Ozarks46.74"8942.66"4.08"
Missouri CD 5. East Ozarks49.42"9643.34"6.08"
Missouri CD 6. Bootheel57.19"11147.08"10.11"
Montana CD 1. Western40.33"11731.41"8.92"
Montana CD 2. Southwestern23.30"9121.85"1.45"
Montana CD 3. North Central13.91"4914.97"-1.06"
Montana CD 4. Central15.92"3217.70"-1.78"
Montana CD 5. South Central18.16"7317.68"0.48"
Montana CD 6. Northeastern13.59"7312.96"0.63"
Montana CD 7. Southeastern14.95"7713.89"1.06"
Nebraska CD 1. Panhandle18.51"8617.19"1.32"
Nebraska CD 2. North Central23.26"8621.21"2.05"
Nebraska CD 3. Northeast29.59"9126.18"3.41"
Nebraska CD 5. Central26.90"9623.44"3.46"
Nebraska CD 6. East Central31.75"9428.05"3.70"
Nebraska CD 7. Southwest24.43"10619.85"4.58"
Nebraska CD 8. South Central33.21"11923.52"9.69"
Nebraska CD 9. Southeast34.93"10329.59"5.34"
Nevada CD 1. Northwestern12.87"10910.24"2.63"
Nevada CD 2. Northeastern13.93"9212.84"1.09"
Nevada CD 3. South Central7.76"528.64"-0.88"
Nevada CD 4. Extreme Southern4.74"257.05"-2.31"
New Hampshire CD 1. North50.63"10843.29"7.34"
New Hampshire CD 2. South55.44"12143.48"11.96"
New Jersey CD 1. Northern56.88"11146.53"10.35"
New Jersey CD 2. Southern55.72"11943.97"11.75"
New Jersey CD 3. Coastal52.47"11443.62"8.85"
New Mexico CD 1. Northwestern Plateau12.53"8811.52"1.01"
New Mexico CD 2. Northern Mountains20.12"10616.81"3.31"
New Mexico CD 3. Northeastern Plains20.96"10916.06"4.90"
New Mexico CD 4. Southwestern Mountains17.40"9714.82"2.58"
New Mexico CD 5. Central Valley13.45"10810.61"2.84"
New Mexico CD 6. Central Highlands20.57"11315.69"4.88"
New Mexico CD 7. Southeastern Plains17.65"10214.08"3.57"
New Mexico CD 8. Southern Desert13.08"9211.31"1.77"
New York CD 1. Western Plateau44.02"11237.58"6.44"
New York CD 2. Eastern Plateau51.93"11741.87"10.06"
New York CD 3. Northern Plateau53.31"11645.21"8.10"
New York CD 4. Coastal54.13"11244.51"9.62"
New York CD 5. Hudson Valley51.49"11241.74"9.75"
New York CD 6. Mohawk Valley51.16"11443.32"7.84"
New York CD 7. Champlain Valley44.89"11336.88"8.01"
New York CD 8. St. Lawrence Valley45.00"11837.46"7.54"
New York CD 9. Great Lakes45.81"11837.52"8.29"
New York CD 10. Central Lakes41.91"11434.98"6.93"
North Carolina CD 1. Southern Mountains64.50"10556.65"7.85"
North Carolina CD 2. Northern Mountains59.04"11350.16"8.88"
North Carolina CD 3. Northern Piedmont55.61"12144.67"10.94"
North Carolina CD 4. Central Piedmont51.95"10546.37"5.58"
North Carolina CD 5. Southern Piedmont47.16"6746.67"0.49"
North Carolina CD 6. Southern Coastal Plain61.27"12049.20"12.07"
North Carolina CD 7. Central Coastal Plain59.69"11350.80"8.89"
North Carolina CD 8. Northern Coastal Plain55.64"10948.20"7.44"
North Dakota CD 1. Northwest16.09"6315.75"0.34"
North Dakota CD 2. North Central18.95"8716.72"2.23"
North Dakota CD 3. Northeast22.17"11018.61"3.56"
North Dakota CD 4. West Central17.00"7216.01"0.99"
North Dakota CD 5. Central20.00"9117.90"2.10"
North Dakota CD 6. East Central22.14"9119.71"2.43"
North Dakota CD 7. Southwest18.45"10115.65"2.80"
North Dakota CD 8. South Central20.94"11316.74"4.20"
North Dakota CD 9. Southeast24.05"10519.84"4.21"
Ohio CD 1. Northwest35.85"7834.05"1.80"
Ohio CD 2. North Central38.30"8735.22"3.08"
Ohio CD 3. Northeast46.31"11537.46"8.85"
Ohio CD 4. West Central41.95"9537.07"4.88"
Ohio CD 5. Central41.37"8038.49"2.88"
Ohio CD 6. Central Hills42.74"9738.01"4.73"
Ohio CD 7. Northeast Hills42.75"9938.19"4.56"
Ohio CD 8. Southwest49.34"10941.25"8.09"
Ohio CD 9. South Central50.39"11241.35"9.04"
Ohio CD 10. Southeast46.00"10540.24"5.76"
Oklahoma CD 1. Panhandle29.16"12119.75"9.41"
Oklahoma CD 2. North Central38.03"11628.67"9.36"
Oklahoma CD 3. Northeast41.90"8339.12"2.78"
Oklahoma CD 4. West Central40.63"12126.25"14.38"
Oklahoma CD 5. Central41.40"10634.14"7.26"
Oklahoma CD 6. East Central50.55"10443.02"7.53"
Oklahoma CD 7. Southwest38.82"11927.92"10.90"
Oklahoma CD 8. South Central47.43"11037.91"9.52"
Oklahoma CD 9. Southeast66.63"12347.88"18.75"
Oregon CD 1. Coastal Area109.07"11683.66"25.41"
Oregon CD 2. Willamette Valley83.08"12357.54"25.54"
Oregon CD 3. Southwestern Valleys69.18"12247.31"21.87"
Oregon CD 4. Northern Cascades118.72"12479.67"39.05"
Oregon CD 5. High Plateau37.34"12125.75"11.59"
Oregon CD 6. North Central25.64"12318.13"7.51"
Oregon CD 7. South Central21.12"11715.76"5.36"
Oregon CD 8. Northeast30.90"11624.74"6.16"
Oregon CD 9. Southeast15.21"10812.56"2.65"
Pennsylvania CD 1. Pocono Mountains52.17"11243.88"8.29"
Pennsylvania CD 2. East Central Mountains55.14"10946.53"8.61"
Pennsylvania CD 3. Southeastern Piedmont54.19"11543.88"10.31"
Pennsylvania CD 4. Lower Susquehanna54.25"12141.29"12.96"
Pennsylvania CD 5. Middle Susquehanna48.49"11141.83"6.66"
Pennsylvania CD 6. Upper Susquehanna44.35"10538.70"5.65"
Pennsylvania CD 7. Central Mountains49.07"11541.58"7.49"
Pennsylvania CD 8. South Central Mountains50.99"12139.71"11.28"
Pennsylvania CD 9. Southwest Plateau47.19"10441.59"5.60"
Pennsylvania CD 10. Northwest Plateau52.84"11842.46"10.38"
Rhode Island CD 1. Rhode Island (Entire State)54.02"10945.14"8.88"
South Carolina CD 1. Mountain68.03"7764.91"3.12"
South Carolina CD 2. Northwest51.78"6850.64"1.14"
South Carolina CD 3. North Central45.07"5645.99"-0.92"
South Carolina CD 4. Northeast51.54"9747.50"4.04"
South Carolina CD 5. West Central48.12"7746.29"1.83"
South Carolina CD 6. Central42.36"4146.39"-4.03"
South Carolina CD 7. Southern44.36"4147.74"-3.38"
South Dakota CD 1. Northwest22.37"12115.68"6.69"
South Dakota CD 2. North Central25.42"12217.63"7.79"
South Dakota CD 3. Northeast25.98"11021.00"4.98"
South Dakota CD 4. Black Hills26.07"11320.10"5.97"
South Dakota CD 5. Southwest22.66"11617.13"5.53"
South Dakota CD 6. Central25.49"12317.52"7.97"
South Dakota CD 7. East Central26.45"10921.61"4.84"
South Dakota CD 8. South Central25.22"11519.49"5.73"
South Dakota CD 9. Southeast28.50"10923.50"5.00"
Tennessee CD 1. Eastern59.77"11650.46"9.31"
Tennessee CD 2. Cumberland Plateau62.90"10654.54"8.36"
Tennessee CD 3. Middle64.32"11651.94"12.38"
Tennessee CD 4. Western70.53"12350.86"19.67"
Texas CD 1. High Plains24.80"11318.61"6.19"
Texas CD 2. Low Rolling Plains30.63"11622.94"7.69"
Texas CD 3. North Central44.90"12032.81"12.09"
Texas CD 4. East Texas56.40"11245.68"10.72"
Texas CD 5. Trans Pecos14.98"10012.58"2.40"
Texas CD 6. Edwards Plateau30.75"10823.41"7.34"
Texas CD 7. South Central36.43"7633.20"3.23"
Texas CD 8. Upper Coast58.16"11345.15"13.01"
Texas CD 9. South22.00"6122.74"-0.74"
Texas CD 10. Lower Valley26.39"8923.79"2.60"
Utah CD 1. Western10.38"779.83"0.55"
Utah CD 2. Dixie12.38"6213.11"-0.73"
Utah CD 3. North Central19.54"10216.80"2.74"
Utah CD 4. South Central16.23"7415.81"0.42"
Utah CD 5. Northern Mountains27.28"10323.60"3.68"
Utah CD 6. Uinta Basin11.95"8410.85"1.10"
Utah CD 7. Southeast10.74"799.89"0.85"
Vermont CD 1. Northeastern49.29"11041.83"7.46"
Vermont CD 2. Western48.39"11040.36"8.03"
Vermont CD 3. Southeastern53.67"11743.76"9.91"
Virginia CD 1. Tidewater54.28"11844.21"10.07"
Virginia CD 2. Eastern Piedmont53.09"12043.05"10.04"
Virginia CD 3. Western Piedmont55.94"11843.64"12.30"
Virginia CD 4. Northern54.19"12139.64"14.55"
Virginia CD 5. Central Mountain52.78"12140.82"11.96"
Virginia CD 6. Southwestern Mountain52.10"11444.42"7.68"
Washington CD 1. West Olympic Coast135.42"121108.57"26.85"
Washington CD 2. North East Olympic San Juan36.33"12327.82"8.51"
Washington CD 3. Puget Sound Lowlands58.56"12443.41"15.15"
Washington CD 4. East Olympic Cascade Foothills100.36"12473.97"26.39"
Washington CD 5. Cascade Mountains West117.14"12486.56"30.58"
Washington CD 6. East Slope Cascades48.16"11637.08"11.08"
Washington CD 7. Okanogan Big Bend16.89"11513.17"3.72"
Washington CD 8. Central Basin14.72"12210.17"4.55"
Washington CD 9. Northeastern30.35"12222.48"7.87"
Washington CD 10. Palouse Blue Mountains26.82"12319.68"7.14"
West Virginia CD 1. Northwestern50.57"11342.36"8.21"
West Virginia CD 2. North Central57.20"12145.90"11.30"
West Virginia CD 3. Southwestern53.03"11544.30"8.73"
West Virginia CD 4. Central60.98"12148.61"12.37"
West Virginia CD 5. Southern47.66"9842.80"4.86"
West Virginia CD 6. Northeastern52.99"12237.03"15.96"
Wisconsin CD 1. Northwest34.63"9730.65"3.98"
Wisconsin CD 2. North Central33.89"8331.83"2.06"
Wisconsin CD 3. Northeast30.19"5930.35"-0.16"
Wisconsin CD 4. West Central30.13"4631.42"-1.29"
Wisconsin CD 5. Central27.56"2331.29"-3.73"
Wisconsin CD 6. East Central27.38"3430.09"-2.71"
Wisconsin CD 7. Southwest30.08"3132.72"-2.64"
Wisconsin CD 8. South Central32.85"6232.08"0.77"
Wisconsin CD 9. Southeast32.14"5731.80"0.34"
Wyoming CD 1. Yellowstone Drainage35.98"12127.53"8.45"
Wyoming CD 2. Snake Drainage46.51"12333.11"13.40"
Wyoming CD 3. Green and Bear Drainage15.16"9413.67"1.49"
Wyoming CD 4. Big Horn14.60"5614.98"-0.38"
Wyoming CD 5. Powder, Little Mo and Tongue Drainages15.12"6315.25"-0.13"
Wyoming CD 6. Belle Fourche Drainage18.64"9916.34"2.30"
Wyoming CD 7. Cheyenne Niobrara Drainage15.16"8214.30"0.86"
Wyoming CD 8. Lower Platte13.98"4914.85"-0.87"
Wyoming CD 9. Wind River14.53"5614.92"-0.39"
Wyoming CD 10. Upper Platte12.79"5613.17"-0.38"

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