Climate at a Glance

Divisional Mapping

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Climate Division Value Rank
(124 Years)
Alabama CD 1. Northern Valley79.0°F6778.8°F0.2°F
Alabama CD 2. Appalachian Mountain78.9°F7578.5°F0.4°F
Alabama CD 3. Upper Plains80.8°F8080.1°F0.7°F
Alabama CD 4. Eastern Valley79.8°F8279.1°F0.7°F
Alabama CD 5. Piedmont Plateau79.7°F9278.7°F1.0°F
Alabama CD 6. Prarie81.9°F9880.8°F1.1°F
Alabama CD 7. Coastal Plain81.9°F10180.7°F1.2°F
Alabama CD 8. Gulf82.2°F10481.1°F1.1°F
Arizona CD 1. Northwest85.7°F11382.8°F2.9°F
Arizona CD 2. Northeast75.5°F12072.6°F2.9°F
Arizona CD 3. North Central80.4°F11078.1°F2.3°F
Arizona CD 4. East Central80.2°F11478.1°F2.1°F
Arizona CD 5. Southwest94.5°F12291.0°F3.5°F
Arizona CD 6. South Central90.9°F11188.6°F2.3°F
Arizona CD 7. Southeast82.4°F11280.6°F1.8°F
Arkansas CD 1. Northwest78.8°F9677.4°F1.4°F
Arkansas CD 2. North Central79.6°F9678.2°F1.4°F
Arkansas CD 3. Northeast81.6°F9380.3°F1.3°F
Arkansas CD 4. West Central81.6°F10479.7°F1.9°F
Arkansas CD 5. Central82.5°F9881.0°F1.5°F
Arkansas CD 6. East Central82.4°F9181.4°F1.0°F
Arkansas CD 7. Southwest82.8°F10481.0°F1.8°F
Arkansas CD 8. South Central82.8°F9681.5°F1.3°F
Arkansas CD 9. Southeast82.1°F7881.5°F0.6°F
California CD 1. North Coast Drainage71.4°F12366.7°F4.7°F
California CD 2. Sacramento Drainage76.4°F12471.7°F4.7°F
California CD 3. Northeast Interior Basins69.3°F12364.3°F5.0°F
California CD 4. Central Coast Drainage73.7°F12468.6°F5.1°F
California CD 5. San Joaquin Drainage79.4°F12374.2°F5.2°F
California CD 6. South Coast Drainage77.4°F12371.1°F6.3°F
California CD 7. Southeast Desert Basins89.3°F12384.7°F4.6°F
Colorado CD 1. Arkansas Drainage73.3°F10371.4°F1.9°F
Colorado CD 2. Colorado Drainage68.2°F12263.6°F4.6°F
Colorado CD 3. Kansas Drainage75.0°F7774.1°F0.9°F
Colorado CD 4. Platte Drainage68.9°F9667.1°F1.8°F
Colorado CD 5. Rio Grande Drainage62.6°F12159.7°F2.9°F
Connecticut CD 1. Northwest72.5°F11868.9°F3.6°F
Connecticut CD 2. Central74.4°F11870.8°F3.6°F
Connecticut CD 3. Coastal75.0°F11271.9°F3.1°F
Delaware CD 1. Northern77.5°F10475.3°F2.2°F
Delaware CD 2. Southern77.3°F9975.5°F1.8°F
Florida CD 1. Northwest82.0°F9681.0°F1.0°F
Florida CD 2. North81.6°F9880.7°F0.9°F
Florida CD 3. North Central82.1°F10480.9°F1.2°F
Florida CD 4. South Central82.7°F11781.0°F1.7°F
Florida CD 5. Everglades and Southwest Coast83.5°F11981.5°F2.0°F
Florida CD 6. Lower East Coast83.9°F12181.3°F2.6°F
Florida CD 7. Keys84.8°F11982.4°F2.4°F
Georgia CD 1. Northwest78.1°F5678.3°F-0.2°F
Georgia CD 2. North Central76.5°F4876.9°F-0.4°F
Georgia CD 3. Northeast77.9°F4678.2°F-0.3°F
Georgia CD 4. West Central79.7°F9178.9°F0.8°F
Georgia CD 5. Central80.4°F6680.3°F0.1°F
Georgia CD 6. East Central80.6°F6780.4°F0.2°F
Georgia CD 7. Southwest81.0°F7480.6°F0.4°F
Georgia CD 8. South Central80.8°F7080.6°F0.2°F
Georgia CD 9. Southeast82.1°F9381.1°F1.0°F
Idaho CD 1. Panhandle65.8°F10662.9°F2.9°F
Idaho CD 2. North Central Prairies67.4°F10464.8°F2.6°F
Idaho CD 3. North Central Canyons71.0°F11168.0°F3.0°F
Idaho CD 4. Central Mountains64.5°F11061.3°F3.2°F
Idaho CD 5. Southwestern Valleys77.2°F11473.4°F3.8°F
Idaho CD 6. Southwestern Highlands72.8°F11769.0°F3.8°F
Idaho CD 7. Central Plains74.8°F11870.6°F4.2°F
Idaho CD 8. Northeastern Valleys65.1°F11461.3°F3.8°F
Idaho CD 9. Upper Snake River Plains70.7°F10967.8°F2.9°F
Idaho CD 10. Eastern Highlands68.8°F11765.3°F3.5°F
Illinois CD 1. Northwest72.9°F5573.5°F-0.6°F
Illinois CD 2. Northeast73.4°F7073.2°F0.2°F
Illinois CD 3. West75.2°F5376.0°F-0.8°F
Illinois CD 4. Central74.0°F4775.0°F-1.0°F
Illinois CD 5. East73.9°F5974.4°F-0.5°F
Illinois CD 6. West Southwest76.1°F5376.8°F-0.7°F
Illinois CD 7. East Southeast75.5°F4676.3°F-0.8°F
Illinois CD 8. Southwest78.3°F8077.9°F0.4°F
Illinois CD 9. Southeast77.7°F6577.7°F0.0°F
Indiana CD 1. Northwest72.6°F5273.2°F-0.6°F
Indiana CD 2. North Central73.0°F6873.0°F0.0°F
Indiana CD 3. Northeast73.0°F7472.8°F0.2°F
Indiana CD 4. West Central74.0°F5274.7°F-0.7°F
Indiana CD 5. Central73.9°F5874.4°F-0.5°F
Indiana CD 6. East Central73.0°F5673.4°F-0.4°F
Indiana CD 7. Southwest76.6°F6676.8°F-0.2°F
Indiana CD 8. South Central74.9°F4775.7°F-0.8°F
Indiana CD 9. Southeast75.2°F6675.3°F-0.1°F
Iowa CD 1. Northwest72.5°F5773.0°F-0.5°F
Iowa CD 2. North Central71.8°F5772.4°F-0.6°F
Iowa CD 3. Northeast71.6°F5872.0°F-0.4°F
Iowa CD 4. West Central73.1°F4774.1°F-1.0°F
Iowa CD 5. Central73.3°F5574.0°F-0.7°F
Iowa CD 6. East Central73.0°F4873.9°F-0.9°F
Iowa CD 7. Southwest74.1°F4375.5°F-1.4°F
Iowa CD 8. South Central75.0°F5975.5°F-0.5°F
Iowa CD 9. Southeast74.1°F4275.6°F-1.5°F
Kansas CD 1. Northwest76.3°F5476.8°F-0.5°F
Kansas CD 2. North Central77.8°F4478.7°F-0.9°F
Kansas CD 3. Northeast78.3°F7378.0°F0.3°F
Kansas CD 4. West Central77.6°F6477.6°F0.0°F
Kansas CD 5. Central79.3°F6079.6°F-0.3°F
Kansas CD 6. East Central79.4°F8178.7°F0.7°F
Kansas CD 7. Southwest78.6°F5679.0°F-0.4°F
Kansas CD 8. South Central79.5°F5380.5°F-1.0°F
Kansas CD 9. Southeast80.2°F7179.8°F0.4°F
Kentucky CD 1. Western78.9°F8278.3°F0.6°F
Kentucky CD 2. Central76.8°F7076.6°F0.2°F
Kentucky CD 3. Blue Grass75.7°F7175.5°F0.2°F
Kentucky CD 4. Eastern75.2°F7574.8°F0.4°F
Louisiana CD 1. Northwest84.6°F11382.2°F2.4°F
Louisiana CD 2. North Central83.5°F11181.5°F2.0°F
Louisiana CD 3. Northeast82.1°F7381.7°F0.4°F
Louisiana CD 4. West Central83.2°F10881.7°F1.5°F
Louisiana CD 5. Central82.9°F9282.1°F0.8°F
Louisiana CD 6. East Central82.9°F11581.3°F1.6°F
Louisiana CD 7. Southwest83.6°F11082.4°F1.2°F
Louisiana CD 8. South Central83.6°F11881.8°F1.8°F
Louisiana CD 9. Southeast84.0°F11981.9°F2.1°F
Maine CD 1. North68.0°F12064.0°F4.0°F
Maine CD 2. South Interior70.1°F11967.0°F3.1°F
Maine CD 3. Coastal69.6°F11766.4°F3.2°F
Maryland CD 1. Southeastern Shore78.2°F10076.3°F1.9°F
Maryland CD 2. Central Eastern Shore77.9°F9276.5°F1.4°F
Maryland CD 3. Lower Southern77.9°F8976.8°F1.1°F
Maryland CD 4. Upper Southern77.9°F9476.5°F1.4°F
Maryland CD 5. Northeastern Shore78.0°F10076.2°F1.8°F
Maryland CD 6. North Central75.9°F9174.7°F1.2°F
Maryland CD 7. Appalachian Mountains73.6°F7473.5°F0.1°F
Maryland CD 8. Allegheny Plateau68.2°F7167.8°F0.4°F
Massachusetts CD 1. West71.1°F11967.6°F3.5°F
Massachusetts CD 2. Central74.3°F12270.2°F4.1°F
Massachusetts CD 3. Coastal73.9°F11670.4°F3.5°F
Michigan CD 1. West Upper66.7°F9964.7°F2.0°F
Michigan CD 2. East Upper67.6°F10764.7°F2.9°F
Michigan CD 3. Northwest Lower70.1°F11066.9°F3.2°F
Michigan CD 4. Northeast Lower70.3°F11266.8°F3.5°F
Michigan CD 5. West Central Lower70.9°F10468.7°F2.2°F
Michigan CD 6. Central Lower71.4°F10369.2°F2.2°F
Michigan CD 7. East Central Lower72.3°F10769.7°F2.6°F
Michigan CD 8. Southwest Lower72.6°F9571.3°F1.3°F
Michigan CD 9. South Central Lower72.6°F9871.1°F1.5°F
Michigan CD 10. Southeast Lower73.1°F10171.2°F1.9°F
Minnesota CD 1. Northwest69.2°F8168.1°F1.1°F
Minnesota CD 2. North Central68.6°F9766.6°F2.0°F
Minnesota CD 3. Northeast66.2°F9864.2°F2.0°F
Minnesota CD 4. West Central71.0°F6970.7°F0.3°F
Minnesota CD 5. Central70.7°F6770.7°F0.0°F
Minnesota CD 6. East Central69.9°F8668.6°F1.3°F
Minnesota CD 7. Southwest72.1°F7471.8°F0.3°F
Minnesota CD 8. South Central71.9°F6272.1°F-0.2°F
Minnesota CD 9. Southeast71.6°F7471.1°F0.5°F
Mississippi CD 1. Upper Delta81.6°F5881.7°F-0.1°F
Mississippi CD 2. North Central81.1°F7480.8°F0.3°F
Mississippi CD 3. Northeast80.9°F8980.0°F0.9°F
Mississippi CD 4. Lower Delta82.0°F6881.8°F0.2°F
Mississippi CD 5. Central81.6°F9080.5°F1.1°F
Mississippi CD 6. East Central81.8°F9480.6°F1.2°F
Mississippi CD 7. Southwest82.2°F9881.1°F1.1°F
Mississippi CD 8. South Central82.1°F10580.8°F1.3°F
Mississippi CD 9. Southeast82.4°F11380.7°F1.7°F
Mississippi CD 10. Coastal82.1°F10880.7°F1.4°F
Missouri CD 1. Northwest Prairie77.3°F6977.2°F0.1°F
Missouri CD 2. Northeast Prairie77.4°F7677.3°F0.1°F
Missouri CD 3. West Central Plains78.9°F7678.4°F0.5°F
Missouri CD 4. West Ozarks79.1°F9577.7°F1.4°F
Missouri CD 5. East Ozarks78.2°F9077.3°F0.9°F
Missouri CD 6. Bootheel80.7°F8579.9°F0.8°F
Montana CD 1. Western63.5°F10361.1°F2.4°F
Montana CD 2. Southwestern63.0°F10460.4°F2.6°F
Montana CD 3. North Central67.1°F7866.0°F1.1°F
Montana CD 4. Central66.0°F7165.2°F0.8°F
Montana CD 5. South Central67.1°F6666.4°F0.7°F
Montana CD 6. Northeastern70.3°F7769.1°F1.2°F
Montana CD 7. Southeastern71.2°F6870.8°F0.4°F
Nebraska CD 1. Panhandle71.9°F5871.8°F0.1°F
Nebraska CD 2. North Central72.4°F3873.6°F-1.2°F
Nebraska CD 3. Northeast72.9°F3074.9°F-2.0°F
Nebraska CD 5. Central73.3°F3674.8°F-1.5°F
Nebraska CD 6. East Central74.6°F3976.1°F-1.5°F
Nebraska CD 7. Southwest74.6°F4375.5°F-0.9°F
Nebraska CD 8. South Central75.4°F4476.6°F-1.2°F
Nebraska CD 9. Southeast75.6°F3677.3°F-1.7°F
Nevada CD 1. Northwestern76.6°F12271.6°F5.0°F
Nevada CD 2. Northeastern72.5°F12168.1°F4.4°F
Nevada CD 3. South Central78.2°F12472.9°F5.3°F
Nevada CD 4. Extreme Southern89.7°F12085.7°F4.0°F
New Hampshire CD 1. North67.1°F11464.1°F3.0°F
New Hampshire CD 2. South71.4°F12167.7°F3.7°F
New Jersey CD 1. Northern74.7°F11271.9°F2.8°F
New Jersey CD 2. Southern77.0°F10574.6°F2.4°F
New Jersey CD 3. Coastal76.5°F10773.9°F2.6°F
New Mexico CD 1. Northwestern Plateau74.7°F12271.0°F3.7°F
New Mexico CD 2. Northern Mountains68.7°F11566.3°F2.4°F
New Mexico CD 3. Northeastern Plains77.3°F10075.5°F1.8°F
New Mexico CD 4. Southwestern Mountains69.6°F10967.8°F1.8°F
New Mexico CD 5. Central Valley77.7°F11375.4°F2.3°F
New Mexico CD 6. Central Highlands71.5°F11768.8°F2.7°F
New Mexico CD 7. Southeastern Plains79.6°F11476.9°F2.7°F
New Mexico CD 8. Southern Desert80.2°F11777.9°F2.3°F
New York CD 1. Western Plateau69.4°F10167.7°F1.7°F
New York CD 2. Eastern Plateau70.0°F10667.7°F2.3°F
New York CD 3. Northern Plateau68.4°F12264.6°F3.8°F
New York CD 4. Coastal75.2°F10872.7°F2.5°F
New York CD 5. Hudson Valley74.2°F11970.7°F3.5°F
New York CD 6. Mohawk Valley71.7°F11768.7°F3.0°F
New York CD 7. Champlain Valley71.0°F12267.1°F3.9°F
New York CD 8. St. Lawrence Valley71.8°F12367.4°F4.4°F
New York CD 9. Great Lakes72.8°F11669.3°F3.5°F
New York CD 10. Central Lakes71.6°F10669.3°F2.3°F
North Carolina CD 1. Southern Mountains72.0°F8171.5°F0.5°F
North Carolina CD 2. Northern Mountains73.1°F8672.3°F0.8°F
North Carolina CD 3. Northern Piedmont77.6°F7377.0°F0.6°F
North Carolina CD 4. Central Piedmont78.1°F8177.4°F0.7°F
North Carolina CD 5. Southern Piedmont79.4°F8878.4°F1.0°F
North Carolina CD 6. Southern Coastal Plain79.6°F7679.1°F0.5°F
North Carolina CD 7. Central Coastal Plain78.4°F4179.0°F-0.6°F
North Carolina CD 8. Northern Coastal Plain78.2°F5678.2°F0.0°F
North Dakota CD 1. Northwest68.1°F6067.8°F0.3°F
North Dakota CD 2. North Central68.3°F6967.9°F0.4°F
North Dakota CD 3. Northeast69.0°F8767.7°F1.3°F
North Dakota CD 4. West Central69.2°F5769.3°F-0.1°F
North Dakota CD 5. Central69.7°F7669.0°F0.7°F
North Dakota CD 6. East Central69.5°F5669.7°F-0.2°F
North Dakota CD 7. Southwest69.6°F5869.6°F0.0°F
North Dakota CD 8. South Central70.6°F6470.3°F0.3°F
North Dakota CD 9. Southeast70.0°F5470.2°F-0.2°F
Ohio CD 1. Northwest74.2°F8473.4°F0.8°F
Ohio CD 2. North Central73.9°F9073.0°F0.9°F
Ohio CD 3. Northeast73.3°F10670.8°F2.5°F
Ohio CD 4. West Central73.4°F6973.3°F0.1°F
Ohio CD 5. Central73.7°F7473.5°F0.2°F
Ohio CD 6. Central Hills73.0°F9571.6°F1.4°F
Ohio CD 7. Northeast Hills73.6°F10571.5°F2.1°F
Ohio CD 8. Southwest74.3°F6774.3°F0.0°F
Ohio CD 9. South Central74.3°F7074.1°F0.2°F
Ohio CD 10. Southeast74.0°F8973.0°F1.0°F
Oklahoma CD 1. Panhandle79.6°F6579.6°F0.0°F
Oklahoma CD 2. North Central81.9°F6981.9°F0.0°F
Oklahoma CD 3. Northeast81.8°F7581.4°F0.4°F
Oklahoma CD 4. West Central83.0°F8781.8°F1.2°F
Oklahoma CD 5. Central82.4°F7482.3°F0.1°F
Oklahoma CD 6. East Central82.6°F8481.7°F0.9°F
Oklahoma CD 7. Southwest85.4°F10383.1°F2.3°F
Oklahoma CD 8. South Central84.8°F10082.9°F1.9°F
Oklahoma CD 9. Southeast83.1°F10780.7°F2.4°F
Oregon CD 1. Coastal Area66.1°F12361.5°F4.6°F
Oregon CD 2. Willamette Valley69.4°F12364.4°F5.0°F
Oregon CD 3. Southwestern Valleys70.3°F12265.3°F5.0°F
Oregon CD 4. Northern Cascades64.7°F12060.3°F4.4°F
Oregon CD 5. High Plateau65.5°F11661.2°F4.3°F
Oregon CD 6. North Central72.3°F11967.8°F4.5°F
Oregon CD 7. South Central68.9°F11564.7°F4.2°F
Oregon CD 8. Northeast67.1°F11363.5°F3.6°F
Oregon CD 9. Southeast74.2°F11670.0°F4.2°F
Pennsylvania CD 1. Pocono Mountains70.7°F10468.5°F2.2°F
Pennsylvania CD 2. East Central Mountains73.4°F10870.9°F2.5°F
Pennsylvania CD 3. Southeastern Piedmont75.9°F10473.7°F2.2°F
Pennsylvania CD 4. Lower Susquehanna74.7°F9373.3°F1.4°F
Pennsylvania CD 5. Middle Susquehanna72.3°F9071.4°F0.9°F
Pennsylvania CD 6. Upper Susquehanna69.8°F9568.3°F1.5°F
Pennsylvania CD 7. Central Mountains70.0°F8969.2°F0.8°F
Pennsylvania CD 8. South Central Mountains71.6°F8071.0°F0.6°F
Pennsylvania CD 9. Southwest Plateau71.6°F8670.8°F0.8°F
Pennsylvania CD 10. Northwest Plateau70.1°F10268.3°F1.8°F
Rhode Island CD 1. Rhode Island (Entire State)74.1°F11770.3°F3.8°F
South Carolina CD 1. Mountain76.3°F7676.0°F0.3°F
South Carolina CD 2. Northwest78.8°F6778.7°F0.1°F
South Carolina CD 3. North Central79.6°F7579.3°F0.3°F
South Carolina CD 4. Northeast80.5°F7380.1°F0.4°F
South Carolina CD 5. West Central80.0°F5380.2°F-0.2°F
South Carolina CD 6. Central81.1°F8380.3°F0.8°F
South Carolina CD 7. Southern81.3°F8180.5°F0.8°F
South Dakota CD 1. Northwest72.2°F6971.4°F0.8°F
South Dakota CD 2. North Central71.9°F6272.0°F-0.1°F
South Dakota CD 3. Northeast71.4°F6871.0°F0.4°F
South Dakota CD 4. Black Hills67.5°F6167.7°F-0.2°F
South Dakota CD 5. Southwest73.0°F6173.4°F-0.4°F
South Dakota CD 6. Central74.0°F6174.1°F-0.1°F
South Dakota CD 7. East Central71.5°F5172.1°F-0.6°F
South Dakota CD 8. South Central73.8°F5174.4°F-0.6°F
South Dakota CD 9. Southeast72.8°F4474.1°F-1.3°F
Tennessee CD 1. Eastern76.4°F8875.6°F0.8°F
Tennessee CD 2. Cumberland Plateau75.8°F8575.0°F0.8°F
Tennessee CD 3. Middle78.6°F8477.8°F0.8°F
Tennessee CD 4. Western80.8°F9379.5°F1.3°F
Texas CD 1. High Plains81.0°F10479.2°F1.8°F
Texas CD 2. Low Rolling Plains85.5°F11283.1°F2.4°F
Texas CD 3. North Central86.9°F11683.8°F3.1°F
Texas CD 4. East Texas84.5°F11082.7°F1.8°F
Texas CD 5. Trans Pecos82.2°F10979.9°F2.3°F
Texas CD 6. Edwards Plateau85.2°F11782.5°F2.7°F
Texas CD 7. South Central84.8°F9183.8°F1.0°F
Texas CD 8. Upper Coast84.4°F11182.9°F1.5°F
Texas CD 9. South86.4°F8985.4°F1.0°F
Texas CD 10. Lower Valley86.8°F11384.9°F1.9°F
Utah CD 1. Western79.0°F12274.6°F4.4°F
Utah CD 2. Dixie84.2°F11980.3°F3.9°F
Utah CD 3. North Central76.9°F12172.3°F4.6°F
Utah CD 4. South Central72.5°F12268.1°F4.4°F
Utah CD 5. Northern Mountains67.2°F12162.5°F4.7°F
Utah CD 6. Uinta Basin75.3°F12170.3°F5.0°F
Utah CD 7. Southeast80.6°F12375.8°F4.8°F
Vermont CD 1. Northeastern68.1°F11665.1°F3.0°F
Vermont CD 2. Western70.4°F12166.8°F3.6°F
Vermont CD 3. Southeastern69.8°F12166.2°F3.6°F
Virginia CD 1. Tidewater77.8°F5777.7°F0.1°F
Virginia CD 2. Eastern Piedmont76.8°F6076.7°F0.1°F
Virginia CD 3. Western Piedmont76.1°F8575.2°F0.9°F
Virginia CD 4. Northern74.7°F7874.2°F0.5°F
Virginia CD 5. Central Mountain72.6°F7972.1°F0.5°F
Virginia CD 6. Southwestern Mountain72.0°F8571.2°F0.8°F
Washington CD 1. West Olympic Coast61.7°F11658.9°F2.8°F
Washington CD 2. North East Olympic San Juan65.2°F12260.9°F4.3°F
Washington CD 3. Puget Sound Lowlands67.2°F12262.8°F4.4°F
Washington CD 4. East Olympic Cascade Foothills65.4°F11961.0°F4.4°F
Washington CD 5. Cascade Mountains West62.2°F11957.8°F4.4°F
Washington CD 6. East Slope Cascades64.2°F11360.3°F3.9°F
Washington CD 7. Okanogan Big Bend71.5°F10368.5°F3.0°F
Washington CD 8. Central Basin74.2°F10571.2°F3.0°F
Washington CD 9. Northeastern67.2°F10664.3°F2.9°F
Washington CD 10. Plouse Blue Mountains71.2°F11367.4°F3.8°F
West Virginia CD 1. Northwestern74.4°F9473.1°F1.3°F
West Virginia CD 2. North Central73.6°F8772.7°F0.9°F
West Virginia CD 3. Southwestern75.1°F7774.6°F0.5°F
West Virginia CD 4. Central69.3°F7768.7°F0.6°F
West Virginia CD 5. Southern72.0°F7471.6°F0.4°F
West Virginia CD 6. Northeastern72.5°F6572.4°F0.1°F
Wisconsin CD 1. Northwest68.5°F7567.6°F0.9°F
Wisconsin CD 2. North Central67.7°F8866.5°F1.2°F
Wisconsin CD 3. Northeast68.4°F9566.7°F1.7°F
Wisconsin CD 4. West Central71.1°F7370.5°F0.6°F
Wisconsin CD 5. Central71.4°F9369.9°F1.5°F
Wisconsin CD 6. East Central70.7°F9469.1°F1.6°F
Wisconsin CD 7. Southwest71.6°F6771.6°F0.0°F
Wisconsin CD 8. South Central71.8°F7271.4°F0.4°F
Wisconsin CD 9. Southeast71.5°F7171.3°F0.2°F
Wyoming CD 1. Yellowstone Drainage60.2°F10657.9°F2.3°F
Wyoming CD 2. Snake Drainage59.7°F10557.7°F2.0°F
Wyoming CD 3. Green and Bear Drainage66.2°F11562.8°F3.4°F
Wyoming CD 4. Big Horn68.2°F10065.8°F2.4°F
Wyoming CD 5. Powder, Little Mo and Tongue Drainages70.2°F9068.2°F2.0°F
Wyoming CD 6. Belle Fourche Drainage69.3°F6668.8°F0.5°F
Wyoming CD 7. Cheyenne Niobrara Drainage70.3°F5970.3°F0.0°F
Wyoming CD 8. Lower Platte69.4°F8468.0°F1.4°F
Wyoming CD 9. Wind River66.8°F9864.7°F2.1°F
Wyoming CD 10. Upper Platte67.2°F10564.5°F2.7°F

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