Climate at a Glance

Divisional Mapping

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Climate Division Value Rank
(124 Years)
Alabama CD 1. Northern Valley73.2°F12068.0°F5.2°F
Alabama CD 2. Appalachian Mountain73.0°F12068.3°F4.7°F
Alabama CD 3. Upper Plains74.1°F11970.1°F4.0°F
Alabama CD 4. Eastern Valley73.5°F11969.1°F4.4°F
Alabama CD 5. Piedmont Plateau73.2°F11869.4°F3.8°F
Alabama CD 6. Prarie75.1°F11671.7°F3.4°F
Alabama CD 7. Coastal Plain75.2°F11472.5°F2.7°F
Alabama CD 8. Gulf76.3°F11373.3°F3.0°F
Arizona CD 1. Northwest70.0°F10267.0°F3.0°F
Arizona CD 2. Northeast60.8°F11057.3°F3.5°F
Arizona CD 3. North Central66.3°F10663.0°F3.3°F
Arizona CD 4. East Central67.5°F11263.7°F3.8°F
Arizona CD 5. Southwest78.1°F9575.8°F2.3°F
Arizona CD 6. South Central77.9°F11174.1°F3.8°F
Arizona CD 7. Southeast71.8°F11567.8°F4.0°F
Arkansas CD 1. Northwest71.7°F12464.9°F6.8°F
Arkansas CD 2. North Central72.4°F12465.8°F6.6°F
Arkansas CD 3. Northeast75.1°F12468.3°F6.8°F
Arkansas CD 4. West Central73.7°F12467.6°F6.1°F
Arkansas CD 5. Central75.1°F12369.2°F5.9°F
Arkansas CD 6. East Central76.9°F12470.2°F6.7°F
Arkansas CD 7. Southwest75.1°F12469.7°F5.4°F
Arkansas CD 8. South Central75.9°F12370.6°F5.3°F
Arkansas CD 9. Southeast76.6°F12371.0°F5.6°F
California CD 1. North Coast Drainage57.4°F11653.8°F3.6°F
California CD 2. Sacramento Drainage60.3°F10057.4°F2.9°F
California CD 3. Northeast Interior Basins51.4°F10148.7°F2.7°F
California CD 4. Central Coast Drainage59.7°F7758.7°F1.0°F
California CD 5. San Joaquin Drainage61.4°F8160.0°F1.4°F
California CD 6. South Coast Drainage60.6°F7659.5°F1.1°F
California CD 7. Southeast Desert Basins71.5°F9369.2°F2.3°F
Colorado CD 1. Arkansas Drainage62.6°F12356.3°F6.3°F
Colorado CD 2. Colorado Drainage53.5°F12348.5°F5.0°F
Colorado CD 3. Kansas Drainage63.0°F12357.7°F5.3°F
Colorado CD 4. Platte Drainage55.7°F12051.4°F4.3°F
Colorado CD 5. Rio Grande Drainage51.2°F12246.2°F5.0°F
Connecticut CD 1. Northwest60.9°F12055.5°F5.4°F
Connecticut CD 2. Central61.9°F12157.0°F4.9°F
Connecticut CD 3. Coastal62.0°F12257.4°F4.6°F
Delaware CD 1. Northern66.7°F11861.9°F4.8°F
Delaware CD 2. Southern68.1°F12262.2°F5.9°F
Florida CD 1. Northwest75.8°F10573.8°F2.0°F
Florida CD 2. North75.1°F8974.0°F1.1°F
Florida CD 3. North Central76.0°F7775.3°F0.7°F
Florida CD 4. South Central76.5°F7775.9°F0.6°F
Florida CD 5. Everglades and Southwest Coast77.1°F7476.5°F0.6°F
Florida CD 6. Lower East Coast77.9°F9776.6°F1.3°F
Florida CD 7. Keys78.8°F7578.1°F0.7°F
Georgia CD 1. Northwest72.0°F11867.9°F4.1°F
Georgia CD 2. North Central70.6°F11666.9°F3.7°F
Georgia CD 3. Northeast71.5°F11668.1°F3.4°F
Georgia CD 4. West Central73.3°F11669.8°F3.5°F
Georgia CD 5. Central73.8°F10771.3°F2.5°F
Georgia CD 6. East Central73.9°F10671.6°F2.3°F
Georgia CD 7. Southwest74.5°F9373.1°F1.4°F
Georgia CD 8. South Central74.2°F9572.9°F1.3°F
Georgia CD 9. Southeast74.8°F9973.1°F1.7°F
Idaho CD 1. Panhandle56.5°F12349.6°F6.9°F
Idaho CD 2. North Central Prairies56.6°F12150.8°F5.8°F
Idaho CD 3. North Central Canyons59.1°F12053.5°F5.6°F
Idaho CD 4. Central Mountains51.3°F12046.0°F5.3°F
Idaho CD 5. Southwestern Valleys61.8°F11757.2°F4.6°F
Idaho CD 6. Southwestern Highlands54.6°F10451.5°F3.1°F
Idaho CD 7. Central Plains58.2°F11454.1°F4.1°F
Idaho CD 8. Northeastern Valleys49.7°F11645.1°F4.6°F
Idaho CD 9. Upper Snake River Plains55.5°F11551.3°F4.2°F
Idaho CD 10. Eastern Highlands52.6°F11448.8°F3.8°F
Illinois CD 1. Northwest67.2°F12359.7°F7.5°F
Illinois CD 2. Northeast65.9°F12158.9°F7.0°F
Illinois CD 3. West71.2°F12462.3°F8.9°F
Illinois CD 4. Central71.0°F12461.6°F9.4°F
Illinois CD 5. East69.8°F12461.0°F8.8°F
Illinois CD 6. West Southwest72.6°F12463.5°F9.1°F
Illinois CD 7. East Southeast72.2°F12463.2°F9.0°F
Illinois CD 8. Southwest73.0°F12465.1°F7.9°F
Illinois CD 9. Southeast72.9°F12465.0°F7.9°F
Indiana CD 1. Northwest67.4°F12359.5°F7.9°F
Indiana CD 2. North Central67.4°F12459.3°F8.1°F
Indiana CD 3. Northeast66.7°F12359.1°F7.6°F
Indiana CD 4. West Central70.5°F12461.6°F8.9°F
Indiana CD 5. Central69.8°F12461.3°F8.5°F
Indiana CD 6. East Central69.1°F12460.4°F8.7°F
Indiana CD 7. Southwest72.5°F12464.1°F8.4°F
Indiana CD 8. South Central71.3°F12463.1°F8.2°F
Indiana CD 9. Southeast71.3°F12462.7°F8.6°F
Iowa CD 1. Northwest64.8°F11958.6°F6.2°F
Iowa CD 2. North Central65.0°F12258.4°F6.6°F
Iowa CD 3. Northeast65.0°F12258.0°F7.0°F
Iowa CD 4. West Central66.7°F12159.9°F6.8°F
Iowa CD 5. Central67.4°F12360.1°F7.3°F
Iowa CD 6. East Central67.4°F12359.9°F7.5°F
Iowa CD 7. Southwest69.0°F12361.2°F7.8°F
Iowa CD 8. South Central69.0°F12361.3°F7.7°F
Iowa CD 9. Southeast69.1°F12461.6°F7.5°F
Kansas CD 1. Northwest65.7°F12160.3°F5.4°F
Kansas CD 2. North Central69.8°F12262.6°F7.2°F
Kansas CD 3. Northeast72.7°F12463.3°F9.4°F
Kansas CD 4. West Central67.9°F12361.3°F6.6°F
Kansas CD 5. Central71.6°F12363.6°F8.0°F
Kansas CD 6. East Central72.9°F12364.2°F8.7°F
Kansas CD 7. Southwest70.9°F12463.4°F7.5°F
Kansas CD 8. South Central73.0°F12364.9°F8.1°F
Kansas CD 9. Southeast73.2°F12365.6°F7.6°F
Kentucky CD 1. Western73.6°F12466.2°F7.4°F
Kentucky CD 2. Central71.7°F12464.7°F7.0°F
Kentucky CD 3. Blue Grass71.2°F12463.3°F7.9°F
Kentucky CD 4. Eastern70.4°F12463.5°F6.9°F
Louisiana CD 1. Northwest76.9°F12472.0°F4.9°F
Louisiana CD 2. North Central76.4°F12271.6°F4.8°F
Louisiana CD 3. Northeast76.5°F12272.3°F4.2°F
Louisiana CD 4. West Central77.0°F12172.7°F4.3°F
Louisiana CD 5. Central77.5°F12273.6°F3.9°F
Louisiana CD 6. East Central77.4°F11973.5°F3.9°F
Louisiana CD 7. Southwest78.4°F12274.6°F3.8°F
Louisiana CD 8. South Central78.4°F12174.7°F3.7°F
Louisiana CD 9. Southeast78.6°F12074.9°F3.7°F
Maine CD 1. North51.4°F9849.2°F2.2°F
Maine CD 2. South Interior55.9°F11452.3°F3.6°F
Maine CD 3. Coastal55.6°F11951.8°F3.8°F
Maryland CD 1. Southeastern Shore69.6°F12363.0°F6.6°F
Maryland CD 2. Central Eastern Shore69.9°F12363.5°F6.4°F
Maryland CD 3. Lower Southern70.9°F12464.0°F6.9°F
Maryland CD 4. Upper Southern70.2°F12263.7°F6.5°F
Maryland CD 5. Northeastern Shore68.5°F12163.1°F5.4°F
Maryland CD 6. North Central67.7°F12261.8°F5.9°F
Maryland CD 7. Appalachian Mountains67.4°F12361.0°F6.4°F
Maryland CD 8. Allegheny Plateau63.4°F12456.3°F7.1°F
Massachusetts CD 1. West60.2°F12354.4°F5.8°F
Massachusetts CD 2. Central61.6°F12156.3°F5.3°F
Massachusetts CD 3. Coastal60.3°F12055.6°F4.7°F
Michigan CD 1. West Upper56.1°F12150.2°F5.9°F
Michigan CD 2. East Upper54.0°F11249.6°F4.4°F
Michigan CD 3. Northwest Lower59.4°F12152.0°F7.4°F
Michigan CD 4. Northeast Lower58.3°F12152.1°F6.2°F
Michigan CD 5. West Central Lower61.3°F12054.5°F6.8°F
Michigan CD 6. Central Lower61.6°F12155.0°F6.6°F
Michigan CD 7. East Central Lower61.4°F12154.9°F6.5°F
Michigan CD 8. Southwest Lower63.6°F11957.2°F6.4°F
Michigan CD 9. South Central Lower64.0°F12157.0°F7.0°F
Michigan CD 10. Southeast Lower63.5°F12056.8°F6.7°F
Minnesota CD 1. Northwest60.2°F12153.6°F6.6°F
Minnesota CD 2. North Central57.4°F11851.9°F5.5°F
Minnesota CD 3. Northeast55.4°F12049.7°F5.7°F
Minnesota CD 4. West Central63.9°F12255.9°F8.0°F
Minnesota CD 5. Central63.0°F12156.0°F7.0°F
Minnesota CD 6. East Central60.9°F12154.0°F6.9°F
Minnesota CD 7. Southwest64.2°F12157.2°F7.0°F
Minnesota CD 8. South Central64.8°F12257.8°F7.0°F
Minnesota CD 9. Southeast63.9°F12256.8°F7.1°F
Mississippi CD 1. Upper Delta76.8°F12471.1°F5.7°F
Mississippi CD 2. North Central75.6°F12370.0°F5.6°F
Mississippi CD 3. Northeast74.6°F12269.1°F5.5°F
Mississippi CD 4. Lower Delta76.4°F12271.9°F4.5°F
Mississippi CD 5. Central75.0°F12070.8°F4.2°F
Mississippi CD 6. East Central75.3°F12070.5°F4.8°F
Mississippi CD 7. Southwest76.5°F12072.3°F4.2°F
Mississippi CD 8. South Central76.0°F12072.1°F3.9°F
Mississippi CD 9. Southeast75.7°F11971.8°F3.9°F
Mississippi CD 10. Coastal75.8°F11372.9°F2.9°F
Missouri CD 1. Northwest Prairie72.2°F12463.1°F9.1°F
Missouri CD 2. Northeast Prairie72.3°F12463.5°F8.8°F
Missouri CD 3. West Central Plains73.1°F12464.7°F8.4°F
Missouri CD 4. West Ozarks72.1°F12464.6°F7.5°F
Missouri CD 5. East Ozarks72.0°F12464.5°F7.5°F
Missouri CD 6. Bootheel74.9°F12367.8°F7.1°F
Montana CD 1. Western52.9°F12146.9°F6.0°F
Montana CD 2. Southwestern49.9°F11944.8°F5.1°F
Montana CD 3. North Central57.2°F12051.3°F5.9°F
Montana CD 4. Central54.8°F11949.9°F4.9°F
Montana CD 5. South Central54.7°F11550.4°F4.3°F
Montana CD 6. Northeastern59.6°F12053.3°F6.3°F
Montana CD 7. Southeastern58.7°F11353.8°F4.9°F
Nebraska CD 1. Panhandle59.1°F11454.8°F4.3°F
Nebraska CD 2. North Central62.1°F11757.2°F4.9°F
Nebraska CD 3. Northeast65.0°F11659.6°F5.4°F
Nebraska CD 5. Central63.8°F11858.9°F4.9°F
Nebraska CD 6. East Central67.6°F12160.9°F6.7°F
Nebraska CD 7. Southwest63.6°F12058.9°F4.7°F
Nebraska CD 8. South Central65.8°F12060.5°F5.3°F
Nebraska CD 9. Southeast69.4°F12261.8°F7.6°F
Nevada CD 1. Northwestern57.2°F9954.4°F2.8°F
Nevada CD 2. Northeastern52.7°F9250.5°F2.2°F
Nevada CD 3. South Central59.0°F9856.1°F2.9°F
Nevada CD 4. Extreme Southern72.6°F9769.7°F2.9°F
New Hampshire CD 1. North53.9°F11150.2°F3.7°F
New Hampshire CD 2. South58.4°F11953.9°F4.5°F
New Jersey CD 1. Northern63.6°F12058.4°F5.2°F
New Jersey CD 2. Southern66.1°F12160.8°F5.3°F
New Jersey CD 3. Coastal65.2°F12259.6°F5.6°F
New Mexico CD 1. Northwestern Plateau60.6°F12255.9°F4.7°F
New Mexico CD 2. Northern Mountains58.2°F12353.0°F5.2°F
New Mexico CD 3. Northeastern Plains68.7°F12362.6°F6.1°F
New Mexico CD 4. Southwestern Mountains58.7°F11755.0°F3.7°F
New Mexico CD 5. Central Valley68.2°F12063.3°F4.9°F
New Mexico CD 6. Central Highlands62.8°F12257.2°F5.6°F
New Mexico CD 7. Southeastern Plains72.7°F12366.1°F6.6°F
New Mexico CD 8. Southern Desert71.1°F12166.3°F4.8°F
New York CD 1. Western Plateau60.9°F11954.5°F6.4°F
New York CD 2. Eastern Plateau59.4°F11754.4°F5.0°F
New York CD 3. Northern Plateau55.6°F11651.1°F4.5°F
New York CD 4. Coastal62.6°F12257.9°F4.7°F
New York CD 5. Hudson Valley62.3°F11957.1°F5.2°F
New York CD 6. Mohawk Valley59.8°F11655.0°F4.8°F
New York CD 7. Champlain Valley57.6°F11553.2°F4.4°F
New York CD 8. St. Lawrence Valley57.6°F11253.5°F4.1°F
New York CD 9. Great Lakes61.4°F12054.9°F6.5°F
New York CD 10. Central Lakes61.6°F11855.2°F6.4°F
North Carolina CD 1. Southern Mountains66.3°F12161.7°F4.6°F
North Carolina CD 2. Northern Mountains67.0°F12361.8°F5.2°F
North Carolina CD 3. Northern Piedmont72.0°F12365.9°F6.1°F
North Carolina CD 4. Central Piedmont72.4°F12366.7°F5.7°F
North Carolina CD 5. Southern Piedmont73.3°F12268.0°F5.3°F
North Carolina CD 6. Southern Coastal Plain73.8°F12169.1°F4.7°F
North Carolina CD 7. Central Coastal Plain73.3°F12268.5°F4.8°F
North Carolina CD 8. Northern Coastal Plain72.7°F12467.1°F5.6°F
North Dakota CD 1. Northwest58.9°F11752.8°F6.1°F
North Dakota CD 2. North Central59.4°F11953.1°F6.3°F
North Dakota CD 3. Northeast59.7°F12053.1°F6.6°F
North Dakota CD 4. West Central59.7°F11753.8°F5.9°F
North Dakota CD 5. Central60.3°F12153.6°F6.7°F
North Dakota CD 6. East Central61.0°F11954.7°F6.3°F
North Dakota CD 7. Southwest58.6°F11253.3°F5.3°F
North Dakota CD 8. South Central60.1°F11654.5°F5.6°F
North Dakota CD 9. Southeast61.7°F12055.0°F6.7°F
Ohio CD 1. Northwest66.8°F12259.6°F7.2°F
Ohio CD 2. North Central65.4°F11959.3°F6.1°F
Ohio CD 3. Northeast64.9°F12357.3°F7.6°F
Ohio CD 4. West Central68.4°F12460.2°F8.2°F
Ohio CD 5. Central68.8°F12460.7°F8.1°F
Ohio CD 6. Central Hills66.4°F12258.7°F7.7°F
Ohio CD 7. Northeast Hills66.4°F12358.7°F7.7°F
Ohio CD 8. Southwest70.4°F12461.6°F8.8°F
Ohio CD 9. South Central70.5°F12462.2°F8.3°F
Ohio CD 10. Southeast68.9°F12460.7°F8.2°F
Oklahoma CD 1. Panhandle73.0°F12464.6°F8.4°F
Oklahoma CD 2. North Central75.4°F12467.0°F8.4°F
Oklahoma CD 3. Northeast74.6°F12467.7°F6.9°F
Oklahoma CD 4. West Central75.9°F12467.4°F8.5°F
Oklahoma CD 5. Central75.0°F12468.6°F6.4°F
Oklahoma CD 6. East Central75.0°F12468.7°F6.3°F
Oklahoma CD 7. Southwest76.5°F12469.5°F7.0°F
Oklahoma CD 8. South Central75.1°F12470.1°F5.0°F
Oklahoma CD 9. Southeast74.3°F12468.7°F5.6°F
Oregon CD 1. Coastal Area55.9°F12252.0°F3.9°F
Oregon CD 2. Willamette Valley57.7°F12053.7°F4.0°F
Oregon CD 3. Southwestern Valleys56.6°F11852.0°F4.6°F
Oregon CD 4. Northern Cascades52.4°F12147.3°F5.1°F
Oregon CD 5. High Plateau51.8°F12046.2°F5.6°F
Oregon CD 6. North Central60.2°F12453.8°F6.4°F
Oregon CD 7. South Central54.4°F11949.0°F5.4°F
Oregon CD 8. Northeast53.7°F12048.4°F5.3°F
Oregon CD 9. Southeast58.0°F11853.0°F5.0°F
Pennsylvania CD 1. Pocono Mountains61.0°F11855.5°F5.5°F
Pennsylvania CD 2. East Central Mountains62.8°F11657.8°F5.0°F
Pennsylvania CD 3. Southeastern Piedmont65.5°F11860.3°F5.2°F
Pennsylvania CD 4. Lower Susquehanna66.2°F12060.4°F5.8°F
Pennsylvania CD 5. Middle Susquehanna63.7°F11658.7°F5.0°F
Pennsylvania CD 6. Upper Susquehanna61.1°F11955.2°F5.9°F
Pennsylvania CD 7. Central Mountains63.1°F12056.9°F6.2°F
Pennsylvania CD 8. South Central Mountains66.0°F12458.6°F7.4°F
Pennsylvania CD 9. Southwest Plateau65.8°F12358.5°F7.3°F
Pennsylvania CD 10. Northwest Plateau62.8°F12255.4°F7.4°F
Rhode Island CD 1. Rhode Island (Entire State)61.3°F12356.1°F5.2°F
South Carolina CD 1. Mountain69.9°F12066.1°F3.8°F
South Carolina CD 2. Northwest72.1°F11768.4°F3.7°F
South Carolina CD 3. North Central73.1°F11869.2°F3.9°F
South Carolina CD 4. Northeast74.4°F11970.5°F3.9°F
South Carolina CD 5. West Central73.7°F11370.3°F3.4°F
South Carolina CD 6. Central74.7°F11871.0°F3.7°F
South Carolina CD 7. Southern74.7°F11271.7°F3.0°F
South Dakota CD 1. Northwest59.5°F11554.2°F5.3°F
South Dakota CD 2. North Central61.5°F11955.6°F5.9°F
South Dakota CD 3. Northeast62.9°F12255.6°F7.3°F
South Dakota CD 4. Black Hills55.9°F11350.8°F5.1°F
South Dakota CD 5. Southwest60.6°F11455.9°F4.7°F
South Dakota CD 6. Central62.6°F11657.0°F5.6°F
South Dakota CD 7. East Central63.6°F12156.6°F7.0°F
South Dakota CD 8. South Central62.9°F11857.2°F5.7°F
South Dakota CD 9. Southeast64.5°F11958.5°F6.0°F
Tennessee CD 1. Eastern70.5°F12264.9°F5.6°F
Tennessee CD 2. Cumberland Plateau70.6°F12364.4°F6.2°F
Tennessee CD 3. Middle72.6°F12366.4°F6.2°F
Tennessee CD 4. Western74.8°F12368.1°F6.7°F
Texas CD 1. High Plains75.1°F12466.9°F8.2°F
Texas CD 2. Low Rolling Plains78.6°F12470.9°F7.7°F
Texas CD 3. North Central77.1°F12372.1°F5.0°F
Texas CD 4. East Texas76.8°F12372.7°F4.1°F
Texas CD 5. Trans Pecos78.3°F12271.9°F6.4°F
Texas CD 6. Edwards Plateau78.3°F11973.3°F5.0°F
Texas CD 7. South Central79.4°F11975.4°F4.0°F
Texas CD 8. Upper Coast79.0°F12175.1°F3.9°F
Texas CD 9. South81.6°F11278.5°F3.1°F
Texas CD 10. Lower Valley82.0°F10379.8°F2.2°F
Utah CD 1. Western59.0°F10056.3°F2.7°F
Utah CD 2. Dixie67.6°F10864.4°F3.2°F
Utah CD 3. North Central57.6°F9954.6°F3.0°F
Utah CD 4. South Central54.8°F10051.8°F3.0°F
Utah CD 5. Northern Mountains50.1°F11546.4°F3.7°F
Utah CD 6. Uinta Basin59.0°F12154.1°F4.9°F
Utah CD 7. Southeast63.8°F11759.4°F4.4°F
Vermont CD 1. Northeastern54.8°F10951.2°F3.6°F
Vermont CD 2. Western57.5°F11653.1°F4.4°F
Vermont CD 3. Southeastern57.5°F11752.8°F4.7°F
Virginia CD 1. Tidewater72.2°F12465.7°F6.5°F
Virginia CD 2. Eastern Piedmont71.5°F12464.9°F6.6°F
Virginia CD 3. Western Piedmont70.4°F12363.9°F6.5°F
Virginia CD 4. Northern68.6°F12462.1°F6.5°F
Virginia CD 5. Central Mountain67.6°F12361.0°F6.6°F
Virginia CD 6. Southwestern Mountain66.4°F12360.6°F5.8°F
Washington CD 1. West Olympic Coast54.4°F12150.5°F3.9°F
Washington CD 2. North East Olympic San Juan57.9°F12453.0°F4.9°F
Washington CD 3. Puget Sound Lowlands59.0°F12354.0°F5.0°F
Washington CD 4. East Olympic Cascade Foothills56.3°F12351.0°F5.3°F
Washington CD 5. Cascade Mountains West51.7°F12346.0°F5.7°F
Washington CD 6. East Slope Cascades53.9°F12347.2°F6.7°F
Washington CD 7. Okanogan Big Bend61.0°F12354.8°F6.2°F
Washington CD 8. Central Basin63.8°F12357.5°F6.3°F
Washington CD 9. Northeastern57.4°F12250.9°F6.5°F
Washington CD 10. Plouse Blue Mountains60.5°F12453.4°F7.1°F
West Virginia CD 1. Northwestern68.9°F12461.0°F7.9°F
West Virginia CD 2. North Central68.8°F12461.0°F7.8°F
West Virginia CD 3. Southwestern70.3°F12363.0°F7.3°F
West Virginia CD 4. Central64.8°F12357.8°F7.0°F
West Virginia CD 5. Southern66.8°F12360.8°F6.0°F
West Virginia CD 6. Northeastern67.2°F12460.6°F6.6°F
Wisconsin CD 1. Northwest60.2°F12253.3°F6.9°F
Wisconsin CD 2. North Central60.7°F12352.6°F8.1°F
Wisconsin CD 3. Northeast60.2°F12352.5°F7.7°F
Wisconsin CD 4. West Central63.3°F12256.4°F6.9°F
Wisconsin CD 5. Central63.2°F12255.7°F7.5°F
Wisconsin CD 6. East Central60.7°F12254.0°F6.7°F
Wisconsin CD 7. Southwest64.4°F12157.5°F6.9°F
Wisconsin CD 8. South Central63.7°F12157.2°F6.5°F
Wisconsin CD 9. Southeast61.8°F11956.2°F5.6°F
Wyoming CD 1. Yellowstone Drainage47.4°F11942.4°F5.0°F
Wyoming CD 2. Snake Drainage46.0°F11742.3°F3.7°F
Wyoming CD 3. Green and Bear Drainage50.5°F11646.6°F3.9°F
Wyoming CD 4. Big Horn53.4°F11749.1°F4.3°F
Wyoming CD 5. Powder, Little Mo and Tongue Drainages55.2°F11650.8°F4.4°F
Wyoming CD 6. Belle Fourche Drainage56.4°F11651.3°F5.1°F
Wyoming CD 7. Cheyenne Niobrara Drainage56.8°F11752.3°F4.5°F
Wyoming CD 8. Lower Platte55.0°F11750.8°F4.2°F
Wyoming CD 9. Wind River51.4°F11048.0°F3.4°F
Wyoming CD 10. Upper Platte51.7°F11847.4°F4.3°F

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