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County Mapping

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County Value Rank
(121 Years)
Autauga County, AL62.3°F363.9°F-1.6°F
Baldwin County, AL65.7°F666.7°F-1.0°F
Barbour County, AL63.6°F464.8°F-1.2°F
Bibb County, AL61.2°F662.7°F-1.5°F
Blount County, AL59.1°F560.6°F-1.5°F
Bullock County, AL62.8°F364.1°F-1.3°F
Butler County, AL62.8°F364.5°F-1.7°F
Calhoun County, AL59.3°F460.9°F-1.6°F
Chambers County, AL60.1°F361.5°F-1.4°F
Cherokee County, AL59.1°F460.6°F-1.5°F
Chilton County, AL61.1°F362.7°F-1.6°F
Choctaw County, AL63.0°F564.4°F-1.4°F
Clarke County, AL63.5°F664.8°F-1.3°F
Clay County, AL59.0°F160.6°F-1.6°F
Cleburne County, AL58.2°F259.9°F-1.7°F
Coffee County, AL63.8°F465.4°F-1.6°F
Colbert County, AL58.7°F659.9°F-1.2°F
Conecuh County, AL63.8°F565.4°F-1.6°F
Coosa County, AL60.6°F462.3°F-1.7°F
Covington County, AL64.1°F665.5°F-1.4°F
Crenshaw County, AL62.7°F464.4°F-1.7°F
Cullman County, AL58.7°F460.3°F-1.6°F
Dale County, AL64.4°F665.7°F-1.3°F
Dallas County, AL63.1°F664.3°F-1.2°F
DeKalb County, AL57.7°F559.3°F-1.6°F
Elmore County, AL62.2°F563.7°F-1.5°F
Escambia County, AL64.7°F566.0°F-1.3°F
Etowah County, AL59.4°F660.8°F-1.4°F
Fayette County, AL60.4°F661.9°F-1.5°F
Franklin County, AL58.6°F659.9°F-1.3°F
Geneva County, AL64.6°F366.0°F-1.4°F
Greene County, AL62.3°F563.8°F-1.5°F
Hale County, AL62.3°F663.7°F-1.4°F
Henry County, AL64.6°F465.7°F-1.1°F
Houston County, AL65.2°F466.5°F-1.3°F
Jackson County, AL57.9°F459.4°F-1.5°F
Jefferson County, AL60.2°F361.8°F-1.6°F
Lamar County, AL60.4°F662.1°F-1.7°F
Lauderdale County, AL58.4°F659.5°F-1.1°F
Lawrence County, AL58.8°F660.1°F-1.3°F
Lee County, AL61.6°F563.0°F-1.4°F
Limestone County, AL58.4°F659.8°F-1.4°F
Lowndes County, AL62.9°F364.6°F-1.7°F
Macon County, AL62.7°F664.1°F-1.4°F
Madison County, AL58.5°F659.9°F-1.4°F
Marengo County, AL62.8°F564.2°F-1.4°F
Marion County, AL59.3°F660.8°F-1.5°F
Marshall County, AL58.9°F660.3°F-1.4°F
Mobile County, AL65.5°F666.4°F-0.9°F
Monroe County, AL63.7°F565.1°F-1.4°F
Montgomery County, AL62.8°F364.5°F-1.7°F
Morgan County, AL58.7°F660.2°F-1.5°F
Perry County, AL62.4°F663.6°F-1.2°F
Pickens County, AL61.3°F463.0°F-1.7°F
Pike County, AL63.2°F664.7°F-1.5°F
Randolph County, AL58.8°F360.5°F-1.7°F
Russell County, AL62.8°F364.1°F-1.3°F
St. Clair County, AL59.5°F361.1°F-1.6°F
Shelby County, AL60.2°F362.0°F-1.8°F
Sumter County, AL62.5°F564.1°F-1.6°F
Talladega County, AL60.0°F261.7°F-1.7°F
Tallapoosa County, AL60.7°F462.1°F-1.4°F
Tuscaloosa County, AL61.5°F563.0°F-1.5°F
Walker County, AL60.4°F661.6°F-1.2°F
Washington County, AL63.9°F665.3°F-1.4°F
Wilcox County, AL63.4°F564.7°F-1.3°F
Winston County, AL59.1°F760.2°F-1.1°F

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