NOAA/National Centers for Environmental Information

Ordering Satellite Data From CLASS

This tutorial explains how to order NOAA Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) Area Files from the Comprehensive Large Array-data Stewardship System (CLASS).

GOES Area Files are currently the only GOES file type supported in the toolkit.

To begin, proceed to the CLASS Web Page.

Once there, if you are a new user click Register on the top left of the page. If you already have an account, please login and you may skip the steps on registering.

CLASS Register Image

To begin registering, fill out the required information fields marked by the *, after you have filled out the required information click Register to setup your account.

You will receive a conformation email when your account is set up (Normally you will receive this email within a few minutes). Once it is set up, Login from the CLASS home page.

If you have already registered and logged in, begin from here.

On the CLASS home page, click on the drop down list in the center of the page (Please select a product to search). The dataset you will be searching for will be listed as: GOES Satellite Data - Imager (GVAR_IMG).

CLASS Drop Down Search List

Once selected, click Go to the right of the drop down list.

You should now be at the search page. To search, you will need to adjust the spatial and temporal options.

CLASS Search - Spatial and Temperal Options


Spatial options represent the area of interest in your search. You can define the area by either using the Java Map or the coordinate box.


Temporal options represent the time span in your search. Currently you are permitted to search up to 160 consecutive days.

To begin, set Start Date and End Date by either typing in your dates in the YYYY-MM-DD format or click the calendar icon Calendar Icon

To set the Start and End Times, enter your search times in each of the boxes in the HH:MM:SS (military) format.

If you are interested in specific coverage, satellite, or satellite schedule, use the Advanced Search (this is only recommended for advanced users).

Once you have filled out your search criteria, click Search to obtain a list of search hits.

Once you have clicked search, a list of files will be displayed.

CLASS Search Hits

The first 10 search results are shown and sorted by start-end time. The column headings with an underline are linked to more information about the column.

If you would like to preview and view more information about a file, click on a number underneath the View Details column.

CLASS Search Details

In the detailed display all of the rows in the first column are linked to more information. Below the table are preview images of channels 1, 3, and 4.

Information about the channels:

Orders are made by using a shopping cart interface. If you find a file that you want, click the check box beside the In Shopping Cart or from the summary page, click the check box for the file row under the shopping cart column then click Update

Back to the summary page

You are currently limited to 100 cart items per order (Note: This limit will likely be raised 10 fold in Fall 2008). Use the shopping cart interface to Goto Cart, Update, Select a group, or Deselect All.

CLASS Search Shopping Cart Controls

To find out how many search hits, files in your shopping cart, or jump to another page, look to the top right of the search results.

CLASS Search Page Navigation

Once you have selected the files you want to order, click Goto Cart to bring you to the shopping cart window.

CLASS Shopping Cart

For use in the Weather and Climate toolkit, Area Format Must Be Selected when ordering data.

From the cart, you are able to change: Bits/Pixel, Spatial Resolution (VIS/IR), Bands, and Map Overlay (You will not normally need a map overlay in the toolkit since you can overlay your own). You may change your user preferences using the link at the bottom of the shopping cart page.

Once you are ok with the files in your shopping cart, click PlaceOrder to complete the order process.

A confirmation page will follow as well as a confirmation email.

Once your order is ready, proceed to the loading data tutorial.

For more information or assistance using CLASS contact:

Axel Graumann
Phone: (828)-271-4850 Extension: 3183