NOAA/National Centers for Environmental Information

Introduction to the Viewer

Roll over areas of the "viewer" image to see more information below.

This is the Tool bar. The tool Bar is covered in the tutorial Map Controls.
This is the Markers button. Markers are covered in the tutorial Markers.
This is the Status bar. The status bar shows information in three boxes. Going from left to right box one shows coordinate information as well as dBZ category, box two shows degree and range from the radar, and box three shows Z height. All of the units for the three boxes can be changed by right clicking in one of the boxes
This is the Progress bar. The progress bar gives a status for a currently running process.
This is the Memory bar. The memory bar displays the current memory usage by the viewer.
This is the Viewer Window. All visual data is displayed in this GIS based window. In reference, the viewer window is where you view visual data whereas the Viewer is considered the main window in the toolkit.
This is the Left Side Bar. This side bar contains three quick access buttons which opens Services, Data, and Layers.
This is the Right Side Bar. This side bar contains four quick access buttions which opens Caputre, Save Image, Save KMZ, and Copy Image.