NOAA/National Centers for Environmental Information

Loading Data

Loading data into the viewer is generally the same no matter what dataset you want to view. Normally when you start up the toolkit the Data Selector dialog window will be visible. If this did not occur, click on Data in the Left Side Bar or on Data in the menu bar of the viewer then Load Data (CTRL-L also works).

Data Selector

The Data Selector has 6 tabs for different data sources: NCDC, CLASS, Local, Custom, THREDDS and Single File/URL.

With all of the aforementioned data tabs, except for the 'Single File' option, be sure to click List Files, to bring up a list of your data files. You can sort these files by using the Sort By: drop down selection on the far right. The Filter: text box allows filtering of the files based on simple text matching against all of the list results.

List Files

Once the files are shown in the list pane, you can either double click on the file you want to view or click on the file you want to view (your selected file should be highlighted) then click Load in the data selection tools button section located below the list of files.

Data Tools

There are three buttons, a 'data type' chooser and one check box in the data selection tools area: 'Reset Zoom', the 'Data Type' chooser and the 'Load', 'Animate', and 'Export' buttons. The 'Load' button is enabled for seletions of only one data file while the 'Animate' and 'Export' buttons are enabled for single or multiple selections. To select multple files, hold the 'shift' or 'control' key and click on the desired list results.

The data selection tools control these functions: