NOAA/National Centers for Environmental Information

Range Rings

Range Rings can be added to the currently viewed radar site to give a visual representation of distance. In order to add range rings you must be looking at NEXRAD imagery.

To add Range Rings to the viewer click View in the viewer menu bar, then click Range Rings. Once this has been done a Range Rings window will open like the one below.

Range Rings Window

The Range Rings window has two tabs: rings and spokes. The style section below the tabs is inherent to both rings and spokes (more information about styling rings and spokes below).

The Rings tab has 4 customizable options:

The Spokes which intersect the range rings at a given degree increment can be controlled by the spokes tab.

Spokes Tab Image

The Spokes tab has 4 customizable options:

The style of both rings and spokes can be changed under the rings and spokes tabs. Clicking on the Color button will bring up a color chooser window. Clicking the drop down menu next to Size will allow you to change the size of the rings and spokes being displayed. Checking or un-checking the Label box will turn on or off the labels of the rings and spokes. Note changing the styles with change both the rings and spokes.

Below is an example of Range Rings and Spokes using the default increments, colored red, size 1, and labeled. The radar being displayed is Level-II imagery from KLIX in New Orleans, LA during Hurricane Katrina.

Range Rings Image