NOAA/National Centers for Environmental Information

Data Filtering

Data Filtering allows you to exclude various ranges of data. Some examples of filter options are: min and max value, min and max distance from radar site, min and max azimuth and min and max height.

Filtering data configured with the Data Filter. To bring up the filter click Tools in the menu bar of the viewer, then Data Filter.

Viewer Filter Level-II

In the example image above, the Radial filter is used for NEXRAD Level-II data. All filters can either be selected from the drop down list or typed in with the exception Units which must be selected from the drop down list.

Once you have made changes to the filter settings you must Reload the data from the Reload button or the Data Selector. For a refresher on using the Data Selector go to the Loading Data Tutorial.

Below is an example of filtering Level-II reflectivity data from Hurricane Katrina to show only dBZ values of 30 and above.

NEXRAD Level-III Filter Example