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Data Exporter

The toolkit has the ability to export data into the following formats: Native Format (copy), NetCDF, Gridded CF-NetCDF, Shapefile, Well-Known Text, GeoTIFF, ESRI ASCII Grid and ESRI Binary Grid.

Exporting the data is done by using the Data Export Wizard. To access the Data Export Wizard, click on the Export button in the Data Selector after selecting single or multiple files. For more information on the Data Selector, please refer to the Loading Data Tutorial.

Data Exporter Window

There are eight possible steps to the Export Wizard. Some steps are only applicable for certain data types or export formats.

Step 1: Select the export format and output directory.

Step 2: Select the variable and time, runtime, height (for gridded data) or sweep (for radial data).

Step 3: Select the spatial extent. By default, the current view extent will be selected. The North and South boxes correspond to the Latitude that bounds the top and bottom of the spatial extent. The East and West boxes correspond to the Longitude that bounds the right and left of the spatial extent.

Step 4: Set the value filter, if desired.

Step 5: Set any options specific to the export format. For raster/grid export formats, this includes the cell size, grid dimensions and no data value. Setting the grid dimension size will cause the cell size to be automatically determined, preserving the aspect ratio of the grid (cells are square). Setting the cell size will cause the grid dimension size to be automatically calculated.

Step 6: A summary of the options selected prior to processing.

Step 7: The progress monitoring step.

Step 8: A summary of the data export process.