NOAA/National Centers for Environmental Information

Identify Tool

The identify tool Identify Tool Icon is located in the Map Controls toolbar. For more information on Map Controls, visit the Map Controls Tutorial.

Once you have selected the Identify Tool, you can query the values of the active data layer or any snapshot layer by clicking on the map. Layers that are not visible will be ignored.

Identification Results

The Identification Results window shows the latitude, longitude and values of the selected locations. In addition to clicking on the map, preloaded locations may be used to generate identification results. In the 'Identify From Existing Locations' section, any loaded marker (generated using the Marker Editor), or Overlay may be used. The 'Matches' text box allows filtering of the locations based on a simple text match. The Copy button will copy the results to the system clipboard, while the Save button allows the results to be saved to a text file.