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Radial (Level-II) Options

When radial data is loaded into the Toolkit, the Radial Properties window should automatically open. If this does not occur, you can open radial properties window manually by clicking View in the viewer menu then Radial Prop. (CTRL-P also works).

Radial Properties Window

Once the Radial Properties window has been opened there are four properties that can be adjusted: Moment, Cut (Elev. Angle), Show RF Values, and Classify Data.

Moment corresponds to the three different products the Doppler Radar actually senses (in contrast Level-III are derived products from Level-II).

The three moments are:

The Cut (Elevation Angle) is tilt angle the Doppler Radar is measuring relative to the horizon. Note: these angles change due to the radar's location and its current Volume Coverage Pattern (VCP).

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