U.S. Percentage Areas (Very Warm/Cold, Very Wet/Dry)

NCDC transitioned to the nClimDiv dataset on Thursday, March 13, 2014. This was coincident with the release of the February 2014 monthly monitoring report. For details on this transition, please visit our public FTP site and our U.S. Climate Divisional Database site.

The percentage areas of the contiguous United States are computed based on the climate division data set. Those climate divisions having the monthly average temperature/total precipitation in the top ten percent (> 90th percentile) of their historical distribution are very warm/wet and those in the bottom ten percent (< 10th percentile) are very cold/dry.

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March Very Wet: Very Dry:
1895 1.56% 27.38%
1896 9.01% 6.27%
1897 25.04% 0.00%
1898 15.08% 10.82%
1899 19.13% 5.68%