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Event Flash Flood
-- Flood Cause Heavy Rain
Report Source Law Enforcement
NCDC Data Source CSV
Begin Date 2008-09-02 19:00:00.0 CST-6
Begin Location 0N JONESVILLE
Begin Lat/Lon 31.62/-91.83
End Date 2008-09-03 14:30:00.0 CST-6
End Location 6ENE QUAID
End Lat/Lon 31.7026/-91.7249
Deaths Direct/Indirect 0/0 (fatality details below, when available...)
Injuries Direct/Indirect 0/0
Property Damage 32.00K
Crop Damage 25.00K
Episode Narrative Hurricane Gustav was the 2nd major hurricane of the 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season. It took shape as a tropical depression on the morning of August 25th just southeast of Haiti, and rapidly strengthened to hurricane status by the morning of August 26th. After inflicting serious damage on portions of Haiti, Jamaica, and Cuba, Gustav entered into the southeastern portion of the Gulf of Mexico and took aim at the Gulf Coast of the United States. Although Gustav attained Category 4 status earlier in its life, Gustav eventually made landfall as a strong Category 2 system at Cocodrie, Louisiana, on September 1st, containing maximum sustained winds around 110 mph. Gustav slowed down and weakened as it continued on its northwest track across southern Louisiana where major damage was inflicted. The pace of the system continued to slow dramatically over the next few days as it turned gradually to the right around a large ridge of high pressure over the Southeast. The remnants of Gustav finally began moving rapidly away from the Lower Mississippi Valley on the 4th as an incoming disturbance deflected it to the northeast. Gustav was responsible for multiple hazardous weather elements across the service area such as tropical storm force winds, tornadoes, flash flooding, and areal flooding from extensive rains.
As the center of Gustav crossed much of southern Louisiana, tropical storm force winds extended into southern Mississippi and portions of east central Louisiana. Sustained winds were between 35 and 45 mph with higher gusts between 70 and 100 mph occurred. Tree and power line damage was extensive across these areas which resulted in widespread power outages, some of which lasted for 3 to 5 days.
As Gustav slowed across central Louisiana, the outer rainbands continued to rotate across much of southern and central Mississippi. This kept those portions of Mississippi in the region which was favorable for tornadoes. Over 3 days, 26 tornadoes were confirmed, all of which were in the EF0 to EF1 range.
As Gustav slowed on September 2nd, flash flooding became a major issue which lasted into the 3rd as the storm slowly lifted to the north and northeast. The first round of heavy rain and flash flooding was across portions of southeast Mississippi as the outer rainbands started to move across the same areas. Total rainfall across this area was between 4 and 7 inches. The heaviest rains fell across areas near and west of the Mississippi River. Some of the Mississippi counties boarding the river received 8 to 11 inches of rain. Areas west of the river across Louisiana and southeast Arkansas saw extreme rainfall. Many locations received between 11 and 20 inches of rain. The highest measured rainfall was at Larto Lake where 21 inches fell. The flooding rains had a tremendous impact on area crops. Crop damage was extensive across Louisiana and western Mississippi. The flooding rains came at a crucial time as most crops will be harvested in September. Crop damage from Gustav will range between 300-400 million dollars.
Event Narrative Persistent heavy rains fell from the bands around weakening Hurricane Gustav. These slow moving bands produced tremendous rainfall amounts across nearly all of Catahoula Parish. Rainfall totals ranged between 10 and 20 inches. The heaviest of rains fell during the evening of the 2nd and early morning hours of the 3rd. Of the entire rainfall event during Gustav, Larto Lake had the highest recorded rainfall with 21 inches. At Haha Bayou pumping station, 19.97 inches was measured.
This extreme rainfall flooded numerous roads across the parish and many of these were closed for several days. Many other roads were washed out along with some bridges damaged or destroyed. Dozens of homes and businesses were flooded along with apartment complexes. Flood damage was significant in most cases.
Agriculture was very hard hit across the parish as well. Nearly all farm land was flooded at some point with varying levels of standing water from minor to extreme depths. Many areas experienced total losses with some crops while the rest had very low yields. The hardest hit crops were cotton, soybeans, and sweet potatoes.


All events for this episode:

Location County/Zone St. Date Time T.Z. Type Mag Dth Inj PrD CrD
Totals: 0 0 101.689M 284.725M
CONCORDIA (ZONE) CONCORDIA (ZONE) LA 09/01/2008 14:00 CST-6 Tropical Storm 0 0 6.000M 300.00K
TENSAS (ZONE) TENSAS (ZONE) LA 09/01/2008 14:00 CST-6 Tropical Storm 0 0 1.000M 300.00K
CATAHOULA (ZONE) CATAHOULA (ZONE) LA 09/01/2008 14:00 CST-6 Tropical Storm 0 0 5.000M 300.00K
FRANKLIN (ZONE) FRANKLIN (ZONE) LA 09/01/2008 15:00 CST-6 Tropical Storm 0 0 2.000M 300.00K
MADISON (ZONE) MADISON (ZONE) LA 09/01/2008 15:00 CST-6 Tropical Storm 0 0 200.00K 200.00K
RICHLAND (ZONE) RICHLAND (ZONE) LA 09/01/2008 15:00 CST-6 Tropical Storm 0 0 800.00K 200.00K
MOREHOUSE (ZONE) MOREHOUSE (ZONE) LA 09/01/2008 16:00 CST-6 Tropical Storm 0 0 800.00K 300.00K
JONESVILLE CATAHOULA PAR. LA 09/02/2008 19:00 CST-6 Flash Flood 0 0 32.00K 25.00K
LIDDIEVILLE FRANKLIN PAR. LA 09/02/2008 19:15 CST-6 Flash Flood 0 0 25.000M 38.000M
CONCORDIA JCT CONCORDIA PAR. LA 09/02/2008 19:30 CST-6 Flash Flood 0 0 25.000M 30.000M
JONESVILLE CATAHOULA PAR. LA 09/02/2008 21:25 CST-6 Tornado EF1 0 0 600.00K 0.00K
SOMERSET TENSAS PAR. LA 09/02/2008 22:20 CST-6 Flash Flood 0 0 10.000M 34.000M
FROGMORE CONCORDIA PAR. LA 09/02/2008 22:27 CST-6 Thunderstorm Wind 53 kts. EG 0 0 0.00K 0.00K
MANGHAM RICHLAND PAR. LA 09/03/2008 00:55 CST-6 Flash Flood 0 0 10.000M 31.000M
BASTROP MOREHOUSE PAR. LA 09/03/2008 01:00 CST-6 Flash Flood 0 0 4.000M 34.000M
NEW ERA CONCORDIA PAR. LA 09/03/2008 03:37 CST-6 Tornado EF1 0 0 7.00K 0.00K
EPPS WEST CARROLL PAR. LA 09/03/2008 04:00 CST-6 Flash Flood 0 0 1.300M 33.000M
AFTON MADISON PAR. LA 09/03/2008 06:00 CST-6 Flash Flood 0 0 2.000M 34.000M
ROOSEVELT EAST CARROLL PAR. LA 09/03/2008 06:00 CST-6 Flash Flood 0 0 1.500M 36.000M
QUAID CATAHOULA PAR. LA 09/03/2008 16:22 CST-6 Tornado EF1 0 0 400.00K 0.00K
WALLACE RIDGE CATAHOULA PAR. LA 09/03/2008 17:10 CST-6 Tornado EF1 0 0 150.00K 0.00K
KILBOURNE WEST CARROLL PAR. LA 09/03/2008 17:40 CST-6 Flash Flood 0 0 2.000M 4.000M
LAKE PROVIDENCE EAST CARROLL PAR. LA 09/03/2008 17:40 CST-6 Flash Flood 0 0 3.000M 6.000M
HARRISONBURG CATAHOULA PAR. LA 09/03/2008 18:30 CST-6 Flash Flood 0 0 400.00K 800.00K
LAKE BRUIN TENSAS PAR. LA 09/03/2008 20:20 CST-6 Flash Flood 0 0 500.00K 2.000M
Totals: 0 0 101.689M 284.725M