Hurricanes & Tropical Storms - December 2010

NCDC transitioned to the nClimDiv dataset on Thursday, March 13, 2014. This was coincident with the release of the February 2014 monthly monitoring report. For details on this transition, please visit our public FTP site and our U.S. Climate Divisional Database site.

Note: This report catalogs recent tropical cyclones and places each basin's tropical cyclone activity in a climate-scale context. It is not updated in real time. Users seeking real time status and forecasts of tropical cyclones should visit The National Hurricane Center.

Northwest Pacific Basin

Tropical Storm Omeka Satellite Image
Omeka Track
Tropical Storm Omeka Forecast Track

Safir Simpson Color Legend for Track Map from Unisys
Saffir-Simpson Scale Color Legend
Tropical Cyclone Summary
Tropical Cyclone Omeka
Cyclogenesis Date 12/19
Cyclolysis Date 12/20
Highest Saffir-Simpson Category TS
Maximum 6-hr Sustained Wind 52 mph (45 kt or 83 km/h)
Min Pressure 997 mbar
Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE*) Index (kt2) .6500 x 104
Landfall Information (date, location and sustained winds) N/A
Deaths 0
*The (ACE) Index calculations are based on preliminary data.

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