Tornadoes - November 2014

NCDC transitioned to the nClimDiv dataset on Thursday, March 13, 2014. This was coincident with the release of the February 2014 monthly monitoring report. For details on this transition, please visit our public FTP site and our U.S. Climate Divisional Database site.

According to data from NOAA's Storm Prediction Center, there were 27 preliminary tornado reports during November, compared to the 1991-2010 average of 58. Two small tornado episodes impacted the Southeast on November 16th and 23rd, but all of the tornadoes that occurred were categorized as weak (rated EF-2 or less). There were no reported tornado-related fatalities. The November 2014 tornado count brings the year-to-date preliminary number of tornadoes to 843. There were 747 confirmed tornadoes for January-September, with 96 tornado reports still pending for October and November. The 1991-2010 average number of tornadoes during the January-November period is 1,228. Depending on activity during the remainder of the year, the 2014 annual tornado count could be one of the lowest values of the past three decades.

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