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Paleoenvironments of Bear Lake, Utah and Idaho, and Its Catchment

Bear Lake Photo by Joseph G. Rosenbaum Paleoenvironments of Bear Lake, Utah and Idaho, and Its Catchment
Geological Society of America Special Paper 450
ISBN: 9780813724508

Edited by Joseph G. Rosenbaum and Darrell S. Kaufman

Bear Lake is located 100 km northeast of Salt Lake City and lies along the course of the Bear River, the largest river in the Great Basin. The lake, which is one of the oldest extant lakes in North America, occupies a tectonically active half-graben and contains hundreds of meters of Quaternary sediment. This volume is the culmination of more than a decade of coordinated investigations aimed at a holistic understanding of this long-lived alkaline lake in the semiarid western United States. Its 14 chapters, with 20 contributing authors, contain geological, mineralogical, geochemical, paleontological, and limnological studies extending from the drainage basin to the depocenter. The studies span both modern and paleoenvironments, including a 120-m-long sediment core that captures a continuous record of the last two glacial-interglacial cycles.

Download data from the WDC Paleo archive:
Colman et al. Spline-fit Age Models, Text or Excel format.
Dean et al. Geochemical and Mineralogical data from 11 Bear Lake cores.
Doner 19ka Pollen Data, Text or Excel format.
Kaufman et al. 250ka Mineralogy, Isotope, and Faunal data, Text or Excel format.
Moser et al. 14ka Diatom Data, Text or Excel format.
Rosenbaum et al. Grain Size, Magnetics, and Catchment Fluvial data.

To purchase Special Paper 450, please visit the Geological Society of America Bookstore.
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