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Interglacial and future sea level

Northern Hemisphere interglacial topography and ice cover

Interglacial and future sea level

News and Views, Vol. 462, No. 7275, pp. 856-857, 17 December 2009

Peter U. Clark 1 and Peter Huybers2
1 Oregon State University, Geosciences Department, 138 Wilkinson Hall, Corvallis, OR 97331 USA
2 Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard University, 20 Oxford St., Cambridge MA 02138 USA
A merger of data and modelling using a probabilistic approach indicates that sea level was much higher during the last interglacial than it is now, providing telling clues about future ice-sheet responses to warming.
Download data from the WDC Paleo archive:
Last Interglacial Temperature Synthesis, Text or Excel format.

To read or view the full study, please visit the Nature website.
It was published in Nature, News and Views, Vol. 462, No. 7275, pp. 856-857, 17 December 2009
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