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International Multiproxy Paleofire Database
Tree-Ring Fire Event Submission Form

Use this form to submit tree fire data to the IMPD. All fields are required, except for the Comments.

Site Information

Hold the Ctrl key to select multiple species (Command key for Mac users).
Locations may be given in Geographic (deg/min/sec or decimal degrees) or UTM values by filling out the appropriate boxes.
Latitude: Longitude:
Latitude: Longitude:
* meters
*If available, please submit this information for individual trees in a separate file below.

Data Information

Please describe additional techniques used to estimate specific dates
such as establishment or germination in the Comments section below.
Please include any additional pertinent information. This may include but is not limited to: a) site variables: slope, aspect, substrate, soils, etc; b) tree variables: species, individual locations, diameters, condition, etc; c) methods: collectors, collection date, jpegs of collection sheets, crossdaters, jpegs of dating sheets, site area, sample height for establishment data, corrections for number of years to reach sampling height and/or estimated number of years to pith; d) locational data: name of topographic maps, jpegs of collection maps, land ownership; e) other associated data files (e.g., derived data such as germination dates, fire location maps, fire frequency tables, etc).

Data Files (specify the full path, text only. Please send non-text formats via e-mail to paleo@noaa.gov)

Please include any pertinent information, such as the species, location, local slope and aspect, etc. that is available for individual trees, such as in this example file.
Email address:

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