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International Multiproxy Paleofire Database
Additional Information on Sedimentary Charcoal Data Form

Use this form to submit additional charcoal dating information to the IMPD. Please provide as much information as possible.

Please make sure the site name, the core/section sample name, and your email address appear as they were submitted with your charcoal sediment data.

Site and Sampling Information
Contiguous Samples?
Please include any additional pertinent information about the site, the sample, the collection methods, and the analysis.

Magnetic Susceptibility Information
Please include all depths, ages, and magnetic susceptibility values.

Loss on Ignition Information
degrees C
degrees C
Please include all depths, ages, %water values, %organic values, and %carbonate values.

Lithology Information
Please provide a description of each lithologic unit, including the top and bottom depth, Troels-Smith or general description, and a description of the lower boundary of the unit.

Please provide any other known fire history information for the area. This may include, but is not limited to, the date, location, and size of the fire, as well as the source of the fire information (e.g., historical observations), and any pertinent references.

Note: Be sure to specify the full path of all files, text only. Please send non-text formats, including Excel files, via e-mail to

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1 July 2003