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Penny Ice Cap Microparticle Data

Download Data : Penny Ice Cap Core Data, Penny Ice Cap Snowpit Data
Penny Ice Cap, Baffin Island, Canada

Penny Ice Cap ice core and snowpit microparticle data.

This dataset contains a summary of microparticle measurements from snowpits and a 334-m long ice core (P95) from the Penny Ice Cap, Baffin Island, Canada. Snowpits were excavated in 1994-1995, and core P95 was drilled in April-May 1995.
The P95 core was dated back to 7900 yr ago (319 m) by spectral analysis of the electrical conductivity record which tracks seasonal chemical variations (Fisher et al. 1998; Grumet et al., 1998. Additional time control was provided by conductivity and sulfate peaks related major volcanic eruptions. Beyond 7900 yr ago, the depth-age curve was adjusted to match the end of the Younger Dryas-Holocene transition (326 m) dated at 11,550 +/- 70 yr ago in Greenland ice-core records. Age values for the P95 microparticle record are expressed in years before A.D. 2000 (yb2k).
Microparticle concentrations and size distributions were measured for a size range of 0.85 to 12 micrometer with an Elzone 280PC multi-channel particle counter equipped with a 30 micrometer orifice (Zdanowicz et al., 1998).
The microparticle parameters are: N = total number of particles [0.85-12 micrometers], expressed in thousands of particles per mililiter of meltwater (10^3 ml^-1)
M = total mass of particles [0.85-12 micrometers], expressed in micrograms per kilogram of ice (micrograms kg^-1 or ppb)
NMD = arithmetic mean diameter of microparticles [0.85-12 micrometer], in micrometers
b (beta) = slope of a Junge distribution applied to microparticles with diameter < 1 micrometer
Zdanowicz, C.M., Zielinski, G.A. and Wake, C.P (1998). Characteristics of modern atmospheric dust deposition in snow on the Penny ice cap, Baffin Island, Arctic Canada. Tellus 50B, 506-520.
Grumet, N.S., Wake, C.P., Zielinski, G.A., Fisher, D.A. and Jacobs, J.D. (1998). Preservation of glaciochemical time-series in snow and ice records from the percolation zone of the Penny Ice Cap, Baffin Island. Geophysical Research Letters 25, 357-360.
Zdanowicz, C.M., Zielinski, G.A., Wake, C.P., Fisher, D.A. and Koerner, R.M. (2000). A Holocene record of atmospheric dust deposition from the Penny ice cap, Baffin Island, Canada. Quaternary Research, v53, No. 1, pp 62 -69, January 2000.
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