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Penny Ice Cap Isotope Data

Data files contain a 3 line header. The first two lines are description of the
data type, and the third line contains the number of values, scaling factor,
and the interval between measurements in depth or time. Data rows contain
pairs of depth or age vs. data value, generally 3 pairs per line.
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Core 1996.2 d18O Data 2m. to 11m. depth
Core 1996.2 d18O Data 12m. to 63m. depth
Core 1996.2 d18O Data 63m. to 88m. depth
Core 1996.2 d18O Data 89m. to 150m. depth
Core 1996.2 d18O Data 150m. to 177m. depth

Core 1995.2 d18O Data

Core 1995.4 d18O Data 2m. to 100m. depth
Core 1995.4 d18O Data 100m. to 290m. depth
Core 1995.4 d18O Data 290m. to 333m. depth
Core 1995.4 d18O 25-year averages

1994 Snowpit d18O Data
1995 Snowpit d18O 5-cm. averages

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