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Agassiz Ice Cap

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The files in Agassiz_Data were contributed by David M. Fisher, Glaciology Section, Terrain Sciences Division, Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, K1AS 0E8, Canada. All data is published and should be referenced according to the listed references below.
A NOTE ON THE FILE NAMES: a77, a 79, a84 and a89 refer to 'Agassiz' and the year of drilling (e.g. a77 was drilled in 1977). Filenames generally contain another identifier such as del for delta 18-O data, accum for accumulation data, ecm for electrical conductivity data, melt for melt data, or norm for data that has been normalized. As well, the extension to the filename will generally give information as to the sampling interval such as .1yr for annual data.
When looking for data specifically referenced by filename in the papers by Fisher et al., click here
For more information see especially the following two papers:
Fisher, D. A., R. M. Koerner and N. Reeh. 1995. Holocene Climatic Records from Agassiz Ice Cap, Ellesmere Island, NWT, Canada. The Holocene. Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 19-24.
Fisher, D. A. And R. M. Koerner. 1994. Signal and Noise in Four Ice-Core Records from the Agassiz Ice Cap, Ellesmere Island, Canada: Details of the Last Millennium for stable isotopes, melt and solid conductivity. The Holocene. Vol. 4, No. 1, pp. 113-120.
The years given in the years column available on this website are to be considered illustrative and not definitive. They are linear fits to the data based on information from David Fisher. These files have been given an age scale for quick reference and graphing for your convience. However, you must re-apply the appropriate age scale for any detailed analysis, particularly toward the bottom of the cores where the age scales need to be streched. See the note from David Fisher for a further explanation.
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