GISP2 Chemistry

File Title File Name
ATM Aerosol Concentrations (1993) aerosol.txt
ATM Concentration of H2O2 in Atmosphere perxair.txt
GISP2 Concentration of H2O2 in Atmosphere perxsnow.txt
GISP2 D-core Methane Sulfonic Acid Concentrations msacored.txt
GISP2 F-core Methane Sulfonic Acid Concentrations msacoref.txt
GISP2 H2O2 Snow Pit Data perxpits.txt
GISP2 Ions - B core (0-200 Meters) ionb.txt
GISP2 Ions: Deep (D) Core iond.txt
GISP2 Ions: Deep (D) Core (Detailed) detiond.txt
GISP2 Ions: Shallow (B) Core (Detailed) detionb.txt
GISP2 Minerology gisp2min.txt
GISP2 Source Region Minerology srcmin.txt
GISP2 Volcanic Markers volcano.txt