This CD-ROM was constructed with funding from the National Science Foundation/Office of Polar Programs grant "Arctic System Science Data Coordination Center at NSIDC", grant number OPP-9321416; funding from the NOAA Office of Global Programs grant "Establishment of an International Ice Core Data Cooperative", grant number NA56GP0355; and NOAA Office of Global Programs support to the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) Paleoclimatology Program, Boulder, Colorado.

We would like to thank the Office of Polar Programs, National Science Foundation, the Executive Committee and Management Group Committee members from GISP2 and GRIP, the GISP2 Science Management Office and the GRIP Steering Committee for all of their support, encouragement and enthusiasm for this project. Special thanks go to Jonathan Overpeck, Robert Webb, Eric Wolff, Mark Twickler and David McGinnis for their insight and guidance. Thanks go out to Chris Haggerty for the design of the CD-ROM artwork and Rachel Hauser for her text review and suggestions on design.

The following team from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) at the University of Colorado, the World Data Center A (WDC-A) for Paleoclimatology at NOAA-NGDC and the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR) worked together to construct this CD-ROM. The individuals, and the tasks each took a lead in, are listed by institution in alphabetical order as follows: INSTAAR: Eric Steig, James White and David White - Scientific oversight, data solicitation and quality control. NGDC: Bruce Bauer - Data archiving and distribution; Ed Gille - Data and information conversion to netCDF format; Wendy Gross - PaleoVu development and software engineering; John Keltner - Search engine development and relational database design. NSIDC: Matthew Cross - Web interface development, CD-ROM mastering, archiving and data distribution.