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Vostok Ice Core Dust Data

Dust Concentrations

Petit et al. 1999
File contains Ice Age and Dust concentration (ppm) to 421,000 Years BP. Published Reference: Petit et al, Nature v.399 (6735), pp. 429-436. (1999)
Click here to download Data, Description, and GT4 Timescale

Jouzel et al. 1996 Click here to download data
Column 7 gives the dust volume concentration in 10 -9 cm3 / g of ice as published by Petit et al (1990) from 125 to 2202 m and by Jouzel et al. (1993) between 2202 and 2541m.
Column 8 gives the number of dust particles larger than .8 m per g of ice (Jouzel et al. 1996). As for deuterium measurements 3.41 m have been added to the depth measured in the field for 5G samples (on this core measurements have been done below 2500 m only). Deuterium measurements have been performed on three adjacent cores 3G, 4G and 5G (see Figure 1 of Jouzel et al., 1996).

Brook et al. 2000 Helium Isotopes from Interplanetary Dust Download Helium isotope data, Table 1 Brook et al., in ASCII text or Microsoft Word format, plus the Data Description.

Dust Flux

Jouzel et al. 1987 Click here to download data
This file contains age, flux (in milligrams of dust per year per square meter). This was deduced from the published data (Petit et al., 1990) assuming a dust density of 2. Original data are smoothed using a spline function. This file is not as complete as the dust concentration data given above. Note that the calculation of flux assumes knowlegde of the snow accumulation rate; the calculation here assumes the original Lorius et al. (1987) age-depth and vertical strain model.


Jouzel et al, Vostok ice core: A continuous isotope temperature record over the last climatic cycle (160,000 years), Nature,329,6138,403-408 (1987)

Petit et al., Nature, 343,65253,56-58,(1990)

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