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Talos Dome Ice Core

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Talos Dome is a peripheral dome (72°47'S, 159°04'E, 2318.5 m elevation) located on the edge of the East Antarctic plateau adjacent to the Victoria Land mountain, in the Ross Sea sector.

During the 1996 field season a firn core (TD) reaching back 800 yr was retrieved from the Talos Dome area in the framework of Programma Nazionale di Ricerche in Antartide-International Trans-Antarctic Scientific Expedition. The TD core was drilled 1.5 km south of the topographical summit of the dome.

TD core: 72°48'S, 159°06'E, 2316 m elevation, 89 m long.

A new 1620 m deep ice core was begun in the 2004-05 field season and completed in 2007, in the framework of TALos Dome Ice CorE (TALDICE, project. TALDICE is a European ice core research project (Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom) aimed at retrieving an ice core reaching back through the previous two interglacials (about 250,000 years) in Antarctica. TALDICE represents the longest ice core record obtained in the coastal area. The TALDICE drill site is located 5-6 km from dome summit along the SE ice divide.

TALDICE core: 159°11'E, 72°49'S, 2315 m elevation, 1620 m long.

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