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Polar Satellite

Payson, AZ Fire


GOES Satellite

Payson, AZ Image
Visible Image

Payson, AZ Image
Infrared Image

The smoke from a large forest fire near Payson,AZ on April 19, 1996 can be seen drifting southwestward in the visible image, whereas the "hot spot" associated with the fire shows clearly as a few black pixels in the infrared image.

Image Information

Satellite System Image Specifics
Satellite Name GOES 9 Channel Band No. 1 (Visible)
No. 4 (Infrared)
Date April 29, 1996 Resolution 1-km (Visible)
4-km (Infrared)
Julian Date 120 Orbit No./Dir NA
Time 1500 UTC
0900 MDT
Entity ID NA
Instrument System Imager Area Arizona
Data Type Sector

Event Discussion

Payson, AZ

Figure 1
Visible Image
Payson, AZ

Figure 2
Infrared Image