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ISCCP B1 Data Access

Satellite imagery

Users simply interested in satellite imagery should refer to the GIBBS website.

Gridded data access

As part of the HURSAT processing, ISCCP B1 data are being gridded to an 8km equal-angle grid. This provides the simplest means to access the ISCCP B1 data. Data are provided in netCDF format following the CF convention. Only limited years are currently available, but more can be made available by contact

See HURSAT-Basin for more information on gridded ISCCP B1 data.

Raw data access

As described, efforts at NCDC have produced a B1 unified format. Calendar year 2004 is provided as a sample of this data via FTP.

For access to others years (1979-present), please contact

Anonymous FTP server
FTP directory pub/isccp/b1
Documentation B1_Unified_Format_Description.pdf
Read/Navigation Algorithms B1U-Routines.tar.gz
Sample data location pub/isccp/b1/data/2004/

Caveat: Our plan is to replace the B1U format by storing the data using netCDF 4. Currently, netCDF 4 is in beta release and a stable release is expected soon. It is likely that B1U data will be available in netCDF4 by the end of 2008.
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