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Brief Summary

    An early season snowstorm blasted portions of the Rockies and the Plains of the United States during the October 24-26, 1997 period. A preliminary look at damages and the effect of the storm include: 13 deaths -- five in Colorado, two each in Nebraska and Illinois, and one each in Michigan, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Many roads were closed across portions of Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas. The Denver metro area was hit with 2 feet of snow and some Colorado roads had drifts up to 15 feet. Denver's October snowfall total of 22.1 inches makes this October the third snowiest since 1882. See the links under Additional Resources for more information.


Figure 1
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Figure 1 is a 1 KM AVHRR resolution satellite image of the Western Plains on October 26, 1997 at 20:46 GMT. (1:46 PM MDT). The image clearly shows a deep snow cover over parts of the central Rockies and across the high plains of Nebraska, Kansas, and portions of western South Dakota and the panhandles of Oklahoma and Texas. Over 2 feet of snow fell in portions of Colorado due to the storm. The image highlights many rivers, reservoirs, and small lakes that dot the area. Rivers show up well in contrast with the surrounding snow cover. A large (3.3MB!) awesome 1KM un-mapped image Figure 2 is also available.

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