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top Introduction

Hurricane Bonnie edged into North Carolina's southern coastline near Wilmington on August 26, 1998. Bonnie was the first major hurricane (Category 3) of the 1998 season, and the winds and flooding rains damaged buildings and cut off power to nearly a half-million people. The storm, which was nearly 400 miles wide, stalled near Wilmington for an hour after its eye crossed land at Cape Fear at 5 PM EDT on August 26th. Due to the slow movement of Bonnie, rainfall totals were rather high in parts of eastern North Carolina and extreme southeastern Virginia. Overall damages are estimated in the $1.0 billion dollar range. Insured losses were approximately $360 million, but these losses do not include flooding and agricultural damages, which were quite extensive. Three deaths were attributed to the storm.

Peak wind gusts recorded during the hurricane included:
Frying Pan Shoals Light Tower (off NC coast) - 104 mph
Wilmington, NC - 74 mph
Myrtle Beach, SC - 77 mph

top Satellite and Radar Images and Movies of Hurricane Bonnie

Hurricane Bonnie approaching Carolina coast (MPEG Movie ~1.2 MB)
Hurricane Bonnie near Carolina coast - Colorized IR - (August 26)
Hurricane Bonnie - Colorized IR (August 25)
Hurricane Bonnie and Tropical Storm Danielle - 8km (August 25)
Hurricane Bonnie-Water Vapor Image (August 26)
Nexrad Radar Image of Bonnie Just Inland in North Carolina (August 27, 13 GMT)
Nexrad Radar Image of Bonnie In Coastal North Carolina (August 27, 15 GMT)
Nexrad Storm Total Precipitation (August 27)--note the 8.00+ inch amounts in southeastern North Carolina

top Precipitation Table

Hurricane Bonnie Preliminary Precipitation Reports--rainfall in affected areas of North Carolina and Virginia for the 4-day period ending at 12Z on Aug 29, 1998 - amounts listed for totals of at least 2.00 inches. List includes National Weather Service cooperative stations as well as various river forecasting network gauges, as provided by the Climate Prediction Center.

DAY = Number of days of data for Aug 26-29, 1998 period
ID = National Weather Service Station ID
STATION = Station name
COUNTY = County for the station
ST = State 
ELEV = Elevation in feet if exact value is known
LAT/LON = Latitude and Longitude in degrees and hundredths
RAIN = Total reported rainfall (inches) for Aug 26-29 period, ending at
       12Z on the 29th

DAY ID STATION COUNTY ST ELEV LAT LON RAIN 4 NCA JACKSONVILLE ONSLOW NC 24 34.72N 77.43W 11.34 4 NKT CHERRY POINT CRAVEN NC 34.90N 76.88W 11.03 4 ILM WILMINGTON NEW HANOVER NC 31 34.28N 77.91W 9.45 4 GREN7 GREENVILLE PITT NC 32 35.63N 77.40W 8.20 2 SHAN7 SHALLOTTE BRUNSWICK NC 20 33.92N 78.38W 6.50 4 LNGN7 LONGWOOD BRUNSWICK NC 40 34.02N 78.55W 6.42 4 WILN7 WILSON WILSON NC 110 35.70N 77.95W 5.56 4 WLLN7 WILLIAMSTON MARTIN NC 20 35.85N 77.03W 5.55 2 ELZN7 ELIZABETHTOWN BLADEN NC 60 34.63N 78.58W 5.49 3 CBAN7 COLUMBIA TYRRELL NC 10 35.73N 76.13W 5.38 4 NGU NORFOLK PRINCESS ANNE VA 36.83N 76.33W 5.18 4 CLIN7 CLINTON SAMPSON NC 158 35.02N 78.28W 4.79 4 EDNN7 EDENTON CHOWAN NC 20 36.18N 76.78W 4.35 4 RWI ROCKY MOUNT NASH NC 35.85N 77.89W 4.28 4 GOLN7 GOLDSBORO WAYNE NC 109 35.45N 77.97W 4.08 2 RKMN7 ROCKY MOUNT NASH NC 130 35.90N 77.88W 3.80 4 EFDN7 ENFIELD HALIFAX NC 110 36.18N 77.68W 3.66 2 WHVN7 WHITESVILLE COLUMBUS NC 50 34.27N 78.70W 3.50 4 SMIN7 SMITHFIELD JOHNSTON NC 150 35.52N 78.35W 3.02 4 GSB GOLDSBORO WAYNE NC 109 35.33N 77.97W 2.91 4 STPN7 SAINT PAULS BLADEN NC 30 34.83N 78.80W 2.88 4 ERWN7 ERWIN HARNETT NC 200 35.32N 78.68W 2.83 3 CYNN7 CLAYTON JOHNSTON NC 330 35.65N 78.50W 2.76 4 TARN7 TARBORO EDGECOMBE NC 35 35.88N 77.53W 2.61 4 LFI HAMPTON HAMPTON (CITY) VA 10 37.07N 76.35W 2.52 3 PHF NEWPORT NEWS NEWPORT NEWS VA 37.13N 76.49W 2.49 4 LBRN7 LUMBERTON ROBESON NC 112 34.62N 78.98W 2.45 4 FAY FAYETTEVILLE CUMBERLAND NC 34.99N 78.88W 2.40 3 FAYN7 FAYETTEVILLE CUMBERLAND NC 96 35.07N 78.87W 2.17 3 ZEBN7 ZEBULON WAKE NC 260 35.80N 78.37W 2.10

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