NOAA Polar Orbiter Data User's Guide

Appendix G

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APPENDIX G: Procedures for accessing NOAA's Satellite Information System (NOAASIS)

NOAA's Satellite Information System, hereby referred to as NOAASIS, is a World Wide Web site capable of disseminating a large number of computer files and messages to the environmental satellite user community.

The purpose of NOAASIS is to provide technical information to a world-wide satellite user community having express interest in the management and operation of NOAA's earth-observing environmental satellites. It also provides a means of communicating with NESDIS to inquire about NOAA satellite information that may not be on the NOAASIS, and provides limited information about the environmental satellite operations of other countries.

Information posted on NOAASIS includes, but is not limited to: Polar and Geostationary Orbital Elements, TBUS Messages, Two Line orbital Elements (NORAD TLE), monthly Satellite Navigation Predicts, Sensor Calibration information, Eclipse Schedules, WEFAX Transmission Schedules, Special Operational Notices, News Items, Electronic versions of Technical Publications and other helpful instructive information.

The Department of Commerce is one of the largest information producers in the United States Federal Government and one of its missions is to share this information with the public through various dissemination programs, such as NOAASIS. The use of electronic media and formats for information dissemination is an appropriate strategy and a cost-effective means to accomplish this goal.


The NOAASIS Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is:

A telephone dial-in Bulletin Board System, the NOAA.SIS, discontinued operation in October 1997.

Inquiries about the NOAASIS web site can be directed to:

Direct Readout Coordinator
Attn: W. Winston
FOB 4, Room 3320
5200 Auth Road
Suitland, MD 20746-4304 USA
Telephone 301 457-5681, FAX 301 568-8649, or
Email to:

Amended May 13, 2002

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