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This document is the cumulative effort of many people in NOAA/NESDIS, both directly and indirectly, to whom I am most grateful. I wish to express my appreciation to Greg Hunolt (now of NASA/GSFC) for his direction and guidance on this document since its inception in 1978. Users of this document have been very supportive in informing me of errors that they have encountered in using it, for which I am very grateful. I believe that user feedback has played a large part in keeping the errors in this document to a minimum.

I sincerely thank Emily Harrod, Ellen Brown, John Sapper, Tom Wrublewski, Joe Askew, Stan Brown, Charles Walton, Nagaraja Rao and Tom Snell (all of NOAA/NESDIS) for the technical expertise and guidance in their respective areas. Also, thanks goes to Geof Goodrum for his patience and expertise in WORDPERFECT and supporting software, Garry Ayres for his help in understanding the SSB Level 1b retrieval software and Jeff Robel for his help with the information regarding the Data Services Branch (all of SSB).

My apologies to those people that I may have overlooked.

Katherine B. Kidwell

P.S. In October 1995, this document was converted into HTML and placed on the World Wide Web. This was an enormous task which took several weeks of concerted effort. The tables, figures and equations required special attention because they could not be directly converted into HTML. They were made into GIF images and linked to the document. I wish to express my sincere appreciation to Jeannette Rivera, Jeff Robel and Larry Arnold (NODC) for all their hard work on this project.

P.P.S. In January 1997, this document was revised (for the last time for the TIROS-N through NOAA-14 series) plus all the tables and figures were retyped and redrawn, respectively. This was done for two reasons: to improve the appearance of the document on the World Wide Web and to create a version which was suitable for capturing on a CD-ROM. Special thanks go to Deanna Lallemont who carefully retyped most of the 160+ tables and to Jeannette Rivera for converting the entire document into HTML and dealing with the many and varied idiosyncrasies of WordPerfect and HTML. I could not have done this document without their help. Also, thanks go to Doug Ross and Axel Graumann for their assistance on the section regarding the ordering of data products.

P.P.P.S. In June 2001, this document was made "Section 508" compliant so that this website was accessible to people with disabilities. This was a monumental task and I wish to offer my sincere appreciation to Jeannette Rivera (NCDC/CSD/SSB) for all her hard work in researching this federal regulation and figuring out it's implications to the Polar Orbiter Data User's Guide website. She diligently went through thousands of lines of html and then ran the html code through three different software packages to get the final "Bobby" approval. This task could not have been completed without her help and guidance.

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