NOAA KLM User's Guide

Appendix D

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APPENDIX D: Miscellaneous Parameters for the Polar Orbiter Satellites

This section provides specific information for each satellite in the NOAA KLM series. Each subsection contains a satellite's operational date range(s), any abnormalities associated with the satellite, tables for HIRS/3, AMSU-A and -B channel spectral response and HIRS/3 thermal band-correction coefficients, tables for AVHRR/3 infrared channel central wave numbers as a function of temperature, and the spectral response curves and actual values for the AVHRR/3 instrument. Many of these parameters are needed for calibration purposes.

In addition, this appendix contains information that was formerly reported in NOAA Technical Memorandum 107, Appendix B (Planet, 1988). This information includes coefficients necessary for calibration purposes which are primarily used by High Resolution Picture Transmission (HRPT) and Direct Sounder Broadcast (DSB) service users. Some of the coefficients may also be useful to Automatic Picture Transmission (APT) data users.

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