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Each 1b Data Set consists of a file containing a calendar month of data. A data set standard header (the OOPS Standard Header Records for the monthly product) describes the data contained on the file. This is followed by a series of Daily 1b Data Sets, one for each day of the month. Once a calendar month is completed, the complete monthly data set is made available to CLASS on the second day of the following month

The first file of each Daily 1b Data Set as described in Table contains OOPS Standard Header Records that describe the current day's data set and all the input data sets used to create it. This includes the ancillary data, one file for the instrument calibration and albedo correction data, each SBUV/2 orbit in the correct day, and the daily statistical summary. All data for an orbit that begins the current day is included in the current day. The contents of these data files are described in Section The organization of the Daily 1b Data Set header records is described in Table A schematic overview of the 1b Data Set is shown in Figure Data is in time ascending order.

The 1b Data Set has a logical record length (LRECL) of 720 bytes and a physical blocksize (BLKSIZE) of 25,920 bytes (36 logical records/block).

Table Daily 1b Standard Header Record Data Set Order.
1. Daily 1b Data Set
Direct Inputs:
2. Ancillary Data Set
3. Instrument Calibration and Albedo Correction Data Set
4. Daily Intermediate Data Set
5. Daily Meteorology and Geographic Data Set
Indirect Inputs:
6. Spectral Information Data Set
7. Bass Coefficients Data Set
8. Absorption Coefficients Data Set
9. Ancillary Intermediate Data Set (Oldest)
10. Ancillary Intermediate Data Set (Latest)
11. A Priori Data Set
12. Prelaunch Calibration Data Set
13. Day 1 Solar Flux Data Set
14. Interrange Ratios Data Set
15. Albedo Correction Factor Data Set
16. Surface Pressure File

Figure showing 1b data set

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