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Section 9.7.3

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9.7.3 OOPS Standard Header

Each monthly and daily SBUV/2 product has a pair of standard header records at the beginning of the data set that describe the contents of that data set. The standard headers include information such as the range of data coverage and the version number of the data set (for those situations where the data is recreated , e.g., due to changes in instrument calibration).

The 1b data set also contains standard headers describing each input data set (e.g. meteorological) used to build the 1b. The Product Master File will have the 1b standard header records in addition to its own standard headers.Starting with Version 8 PMFs in 2007,the 1b datsets are the only externally distributed dataset that will contain the OOPS Standard Header Records

The format of the OOPS standard header is given on the following pages. Definitions of individual items can be found in the Data Dictionary, Section 9.7.4.

Table 9.7.3-1. OOPS Standard Header Record I.
  Byte 1 Byte 2 Byte 3 Byte 4
Word Description
1 Record ID Integer number
2-3 Spacecraft Name 'NOAA - xx'
4-5 Instrument Name 'SBUV/2'
6-9 Data Set name 16 character data set name
10 Data Version Identifier 'VER'
11-12 Data Version '  xxa'
13 Data Generation Identifier 'GEN '
14-15 Data Generation Date ('yy mm dd')
16-17 Data Generation Time ('hhmmss ')
18-19 Program Identifier ('PROGRAM:')
20-21 Program name ('aaaaaa')
22 Program Version Identifier ('VER')
23-24 Program Version (' xx.xx ')
25-26 Program Version Date ('yy mm dd')
27-28 Spare ( 8 ASCII blanks)
29-30 Data Coverage identifier ('DATA:')
31-32 Data Start Date ('19yy ddd')
33-34 Data Start Time ('ssssss')
35 'To' Character ('TO')
36-37 Data End Date ('19yy ddd')
38-39 Data End Time ('ssssss ')
40 Standard/Non-standard Wavelength Flag (4 ASCII blanks or 'STND' or 'SPEC')
41-180 Spares (ASCII blanks)
For Data Sets containing a time span of data (e.g. Daily 1b); Otherwise spare words (all ASCII blanks) = blank, x = numeric character, a = alphabetic character.
Note: all words are ASCII characters except word 1.

Table 9.7.3-2. OOPS Standard Header Record II.
  Byte 1 Byte 2 Byte 3 Byte 4
Word Description
1 Record ID
2-40 Data or Program Version Change Description
41-180 Spare (ASCII blanks)
Note : All words are ASCII characters except word 1

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Amended November 7, 2006

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