NOAA KLM User's Guide

Section 9.3.2

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9.3.2 TIROS-N Series Radiation Budget Products

There are six types of digital Radiation Budget products archived by NOAA/NCDC. All radiation budget products are produced by the NOAA/NESDIS Office of Satellite Data Processing and Distribution's Product Systems Branch (OSDPD/PSB). The six types of Radiation Budget products are: 37 Day file, monthly radiation, seasonal radiation, monthly mean radiation, seasonal mean radiation and annual mean. These are described in the NOAA Polar Orbiter Data Users Guide, Section 5.4, which is available online at: There are six months of these TIROS-N style products archived for NOAA-K (November 1998 through April 1999) which are available concurrently with the NOAA KLM style products for comparison/continuity purposes.

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