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Section 9.1

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9.1 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Products

NOAA/NESDIS produces and archives two types of SST products, gridded products and geographically organized retrievals. In addition, through an agreement under the NOAA/DOD Shared Processing Program, NESDIS receives and archives global Sea Surface Temperature retrievals from the Naval Oceanographic Office at Stennis Space Center, Mississippi. Both the NESDIS and Navy retrieval Archive cartridges contain eight days of 8-km resolution SST observations from a current operational NOAA polar orbiter (normally the afternoon spacecraft). All gridded products are produced from the 8-km resolution observations. Monthly archives are produced for all the gridded products. They include daily 100-km (Global-Scale Analysis), bi-weekly 50 km (Regional Scale Analysis), and biweekly 14 km (Local Scale) gridded SST fields. Monthly means are also produced from the observations on a 250-km grid (SST Monthly Mean) and archived yearly.

Any queries regarding SST products should be directed to:

National Climatic Data Center
Climate Services Division
151 Patton Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801-5001

where all but the latest SST data arecurrently archived and available via ftp.

The 14-km gridded, 50-km gridded, and 100-km gridded SST fields are generated by NESDIS in the SST Field Format which is described in Section 9.1.1. Section 9.1.2 describes the SST Observation File and the SST Monthly Mean is described in Section 9.1.3.

Most SST archive cartridges contain a Header File which will usually be the first file on cartridge. The Header File consists of one 400-byte physical record which contains some of the information shown in Table 9.1-1.

Table 9.1-1. Format of the SST Header File.
Word # # Bytes Content Range
1-20 80 Title of data set archived in File 2 of this cartridge 1-80 characters with blank fill
21-27 28 Data set name of disk data set 1-28 characters with blank fill
28-29 8 Original archive cartridge number 1-8 characters with blank fill
Date of earliest data on cartridge:
30 1 Year 0-99
  1 Month 1-12
  1 Day 1-31
Date of most current data on cartridge:
31 1 Year 0-99
  1 Month 1-12
  1 Day 1-31
  1 Blank  
Date and time when data was archived from disk to cartridge:
32 4 Year 0-99
33 4 Month 1-12
34 4 Day 1-31
35 4 Hour 0-23
36 4 Minute 0-59
37 4 Second 0-59
38 4 Number of records of data in File 2 of cartridge n/a
39 4 Number of files of data on the cartridge (not couning Header file) n/a
40-100 244 Spare n/a

Amended September 5, 2001

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