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This section describes the characteristics and formats of Global Area Coverage (GAC) data sets for both NOAA KLM (Version 2) and NOAA-N (Version 3) satellites. Version 2 formats (v2) were used on all NOAA KLM data until April 28, 2005. After this date, the Version 3 format (v3), also known as the NOAA-N format, was implemented for all operational POES spacecraft. There is no plan at this time to reprocess archived data into the new format. On January 25, 2006, Version 4 (v4) was implemented to reflect the start of CLAVR-x (Cl ouds from AV HR R E x tended cloud mask) processing which began on that date. On November 14, 2006, Version 5 (v5) was implemented for the LAC/HRPT only. The GAC version number remains at 4.

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