NOAA KLM User's Guide

Section 8.3

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8.3 Data Distribution Formats

This section describes the digital data formats whichNOAA/NESDIS uses to distribute data from the NOAA Level 1b database.

8.3.1 NOAA Level 1b (Native) Format and Selective Extracts

This section describes the NOAA Level 1b digital data format. This includes the data formats archived by NOAA/NESDIS and distributed to near-realtime users, and the formats produced by NESDIS archive retrieval systems for customers of retrospective data (data older than 24 hours).

NOAA has announced the intent to use the new NOAA Level 1b format (version 3) for data processed from the NOAA-15, 16 and 17 instruments beginning in early 2005. Version 2 formats (v2) were used on all NOAA KLM (NOAA-15, 16 and 17) data until April 28, 2005. After this date, the version 3 format (v3), also known as the NOAA-N format, will be implemented for all operational POES spacecraft. There is no plan at this time to reprocess archived data into the new format.

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