NOAA KLM User's Guide

Section 6.3

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6.3 Calibration

Calibration and Data Monitoring consist of three software systems residing on the CEMSCS:

6.3.1 Pre-Launch Calibration

The pre-launch calibration is the process which prepares the operational data pre-processing systems for new satellites and their instruments. This includes validation of instrument supplier's success in meeting instrument performance requirements. Each instrument manufacturer is required to supply parameters related to the characteristic performance of the instrument. Instrument Specifications are then validated with the accomplishment of: calculating the calibration accuracy; the instrument sensitivity; in-flight warm load; calibration correction factors; the calibration repeatability; and nonlinearity parameter for each channel. A report is generated which contains the plots of all thermal vacuum data derived quantities for each flight model, as well as a narrative description of how each quantity is computed.

6.3.2 On Line Calibration

As part of normal operations, the data preprocessing software performs online instrument data calibration and monitors instrument telemetry to detect anomalies. When anomalies are detected, the data is flagged as suspect for the product systems.

6.3.3 Calibration Evaluation

Engineering evaluation is carried out as part of off-line support. The data calibration process is evaluated to provide evidence of instrument performance problems. This includes extracting selected data words, computing statistics and displaying/printing the information for analysis.

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