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Section 6.0

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6.0 Ingest and Pre-Processing

Operation of the various satellite data processing systems is principally the responsibility of NOAA/NESDIS' Information Processing Division (IPD). Data are ingested into IPD's Central Environmental Satellite Computer System (CEMSCS) from the Satellite Operations and Control Center (SOCC) and from the Shared Processing Network (SPN). The CEMSCS has ingest and preprocessing systems for Polar, Geostationary and Shared Processing. The system described in this document is most relevant to the CEMSCS Polar Data Processing System (PDPS). The PDPS operation consists of components such as pre-launch activities, ingest, pre-processing, calibration, navigation, product generation and archive. Figure 6.0-1 shows the general flow of the polar data through the PDPS system.

Figure showing polar data processing flow

NOAA's data levels are defined as follows:

The software systems that are implemented, operated and maintained, are in the following functional categories: Ingest (Level 1a), satellite dataset processing (Pre-Processing Level 1b), product processing, archiving, QC-monitoring, navigation and earth-location, data communications, calibration (pre- and post-launch) and Shared Processing.

Amended November 7, 2001

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