NOAA KLM User's Guide

Section 1.2.9

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1.2.9 Power System

Electrical power is provided by a direct energy transfer regulated bus power system. The primary energy converter is a single-axis-sun tracking solar array, and the energy storage system consists of a set of three nickel-cadmium batteries. The major components are the Solar Array (SA), batteries, Power Supply Electronics (PSE), Battery Charge Assembly (BCA), Solar Array Drive (SAD), Array Drive Electronics (ADE), Battery Reconditioning Unit (BRU) and the Controls Power Converter (CPC).

In the mission mode, the SAD rotates the SA once per orbit so that it continually faces the Sun. The SA is canted to either 22 or 36 degrees to the orbit normal, depending on whether the spacecraft is in a morning or afternoon orbit. The three batteries supply power through the boost regulator during the dark portions of each orbit and augment the solar array for peak-load conditions during orbital daylight.

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