NOAA KLM User's Guide

Section 1.2.5

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1.2.5 Mission Data Acquisition and Formats Environmental Data Formats

No significant changes are proposed in the method of mission data handling and acquisition from that developed for previous satellites in the TIROS-N/ATN series, but a sixth data format will be added for AMSU data handling. These six basic data formats are generated onboard the satellite, each associated with one or more of the acquisition modes (stored or real-time, very high frequency (VHF) or S-band transmission). These formats are as follows:

Table 1.2.5-1. APT Line Characteristics NOAA KLM Satellites.
Frequency Band 136 to 139 MHz band
Carrier Frequencies 137.50 to 137.62 MHz
Frequency Stability ±0.002%
Out-of-band Emissions -60 dB at ±170 KHz and greater from carrier frequency
Transmitted Bandwidth -3 dB at ±25 KHz from carrier frequency
Modulated Rate and Type ±17 kHz FM with a 2.4-kHz subcarrier
EIRP ±33.5 dBm

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