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The newest version of the NOAA KLM User's Guide is based on the work done by Katherine B. Kidwell. Additional products and changes to the processing, data access and archive procedures have required that the User's Guide be updated to reflect its new environment. Since this is a living document the changes are to be expected and required. The work done on the original document allows making the updates in a timely and efficient manner. I look forward to the continued support of the NOAA/NESDIS, NASA and other interested parties that have made this document so well known and used. Again I wish to thank Kathy for the fine work that she did in maintaining and enlarging this document and in the support she gave me when I assumed her responsibilities.

Jeffrey M. Robel

This document is the cumulative effort of many years of work by a number of people in NOAA/NESDIS and NASA, to whom I am most grateful. The NOAA KLM Documentation Task Team consisting of Chantell Haskins, Stan Brown, Wayne Winston, Geof Goodrum and myself, directed the collection efforts and combined several existing documents into one for the convenience of the end user.

I wish to express my sincere appreciation to Joe Askew, Dudley Bowman, Stan Brown, Ellen Brown, Wendell Clouse, Larry Flynn, Geof Goodrum, Axel Graumann, Phil Green, Emily Harrod, Mary Hollinger, Larry McMillin, Tsan Mo, Bob Muckle, Sam Patterson, Walt Planet, Bruce Ramsay, Nagaraja Rao, Doug Ross, Irving Ruff, John Sapper, Jerry Sullivan, Jeremy Throwe, Dave Wark, Mike Weinreb, Wayne Winston, Tom Wrublewski (all of NOAA) and Roberto Aleman, Doug Fineberg, Harold Goldberg, Jack Knoll, Sergey Krimchansky, Tony Miller, Norm Peterski, George Robinson (all of NASA) for the technical expertise and guidance in their respective areas. Geof Goodrum and Wayne Winston also helped edit the text and suggested modifications. Chantell Haskins' tireless efforts to collect and organize the necessary inputs should also not be overlooked!

Also, many thanks go to the people that helped review portions of this document when it was in it's infancy. These people were: Mike Weinreb (NOAA/NESDIS), Dave Evans (NOAA's Space Environment Lab), Dan Flanagan (NOAA Liaison Office ), Wayne Winston (NOAA/NESDIS), Geof Goodrum (NOAA/NESDIS), Roger Saunders (ECMWF), Phil Evans (U.K. Meteorological Office) and Dieter Klaes (EUMETSAT). Last, but certainly not least, I would like to acknowledge the expertise and dogged persistence of Jeannette Rivera and Dee Lallemont (both of NOAA/NESDIS/NCDC) for converting this huge document into HTML.

My apologies to those people that I may have overlooked.

Katherine B. Kidwell retired

P.S. In June 2001, this document was made "Section 508" compliant so that this website was accessible to people with disabilities. This was a monumental task and I wish to offer my sincere appreciation to Jeannette Rivera (NCDC/CSD/SSB) for all her hard work in researching this federal regulation and figuring out it's implications to the NOAA KLM User's Guide website. She diligently went through thousands of lines of html and then ran the html code through three different software packages to get the final "Bobby" approval. This task could not have been completed without her help and guidance.

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