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    Welcome to the NCDC Marine Page

    Please hover your mouse over the links to the upper left, or simply scroll down the page to select and view more content from this area of the NCDC website. This is the first in a series of steps we're taking to improve our site. Should you have something specific to look for, submit a search in the golden search bar above.

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    Top of Page About Marine Data

    Surface Marine observations contain various meteorological elements that over time can describe the nature of the climate of a location or region. These elements include temperature, dew point, relative humidity, precipitation, snowfall, snow depth on ground, wind speed, wind direction, cloudiness, visibility, atmospheric pressure, evaporation, soil temperatures, and various types of weather occurrences such as hail, fog, thunder, glaze, etc. NCDC receives and archives meteorological data from ships at sea as well as buoys both fixed and free floating. The weather observations are normally hourly observations (can be more frequent) and there are daily and monthly summaries. Many of the summaries are published on paper, electronically and via CD-ROM. Surface Marine data from around the world are archived at NCDC.

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    Top of Page Marine Data Products

    ICOADS: The International Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set

    • ICOADS
      The historical surface marine record, presently covering 1662-2007 at Release 2.5 (R2.5), is maintained through the ICOADS project.
    • ICOADS Data Access
      For ICOADS data access at NCDC, the user must select data type "icoads2.5". NCDC offers only "enhanced" R2.5 observations, which were derived using 4.5 standard deviation "trimming" (quality control screening) limits, so as to accommodate more extreme climate events, and using a broad collection of marine observations including ships, buoys, and near-surface oceanographic profile temperatures.
      All three U.S. ICOADS partners (NOAA/ESRL, NOAA/NCDC, NCAR) offer various data access and format options. To review all available options see the ICOADS website.

    Buoy Data

    Temperature, salinity, wind speed, and other meteorological data from worldwide buoys.

    Voluntary Observing Ship (VOS)Climate Project (VOSClim)

    A high-quality subset of VOS marine meteorological data, with extensive associated metadata.

    Paleoclimate data

    Dataset Documentation

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    Top of Page Research and Monitoring

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