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Virtual Globe Archived Severe Weather Warnings


What are the different levels of support for the Virtual Globe software list?
There are 3 levels of "support" for how we code the KMZ and what features are actually viewable in each software.
  • Full Support -- All features we wrote into the KMZ i.e. animation, color specific polygons, NOAA and legend overlays.
  • Partially Supported -- Some features we wrote into the KMZ work. For the case of ArcGIS Explorer, you can view the polygons in their correct color, and you can view more information about the warning; but you cannot view the NOAA and legend overlays or the SWDI logo, also no animations through time.
  • Not Currently Supported -- No features we wrote into the KMZ work. NASA World Wind's KML Importer is currently still under development according to the World Wind Wiki and as soon as we know that our KMZ's will work its status will change accordingly.

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