Climate Summaries for Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

This directory/folder contains climate summaries and graphics for Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, using the period 2000-2009 from the Integrated Surface Dataset at NCDC. This dataset and the data summary capabilities are a cooperative effort with the USAF 14th Weather Squadron, the US Navy, and other partners.

Due to the hours of operation at Port-Au-Prince airport, the summaries and graphics are almost entirely based on daylight hours and do not provide typical climatic conditions for overnight hours.

The summaries included are:

(Simply clicking on the file in your browser will display the summary, with the html version providing a tabular form, and the png or pdf providing a graphical image.)

Flying Conditions:

Relative Humidity:


Dew Point:

Wind Speed/Direction:

Sky Condition:

Cloud Ceiling/Visibility:

Present Weather:

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